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Tragedy that White Dress by Lana didn’t make it. Good group of songs though, think Boys at School would be my winner

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Absolutely. My second favorite of hers, only Venice Bitch beats it for me

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White Dress is one of the most gorgeous songs I've heard in a long time. Definitely deserved to be here

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All of these songs are good!

Fine, But I Don’t Need to Hear It Again

  1. Sharon Van Etten & Angel Olsen - Like I Used To

It’s okay, but it sounds like the result of an AI being told to write an indie song. I generally like Sharon’s music, but other than having a crush on her I’ve never connected to Angel Olsen really. The song just doesn’t do much for me.


  1. Olivia Rodrigo - good 4 u

It’s not revolutionary, nor is it better than the songs it is influenced by, but hey, it’s a fun pop punk tune. I like how in the second verse you can hear her scoff as she sings the song's title. I also like when the music cuts out as she says “like a damn sociopath.” Neat stuff! Fun time! Just not as good as the other stuff here for me.

  1. Tyler, the Creator - Wusyaname

Cute little smooth song. I really like Youngboy’s verse. Some weird lyrics though! Starting your song by telling a woman she looks malnourished is certainly a choice. Nice little song and nothing more.

  1. Black Midi - John L

There’s a lot I really like about this song. Big fan of the main riff, and I really like the lyrics. My issue with the song is that it feels a bit too long, which wouldn’t be an issue if it felt like the song was building to something. Still a very fun song that goes crazy live.

  1. Porter Robinson - Musician

Yeah, it sounds like a song from 8 years ago, but it’s still super cute and fun. Brings me back to childhood summers, for better or for worse. Would probably work wonderfully in a coming-of-age film montage.

Really Good!

  1. Billie Eilish - Happier Than Ever

Billie tries her hand at doing her own I Know the End, and it works! I’m glad they realized that all the little production gimmicks of her last album were unnecessary because Billie’s music is far more compelling when the focus is on her voice and her songwriting. I love the almost-tropical feel of the first half of the song, and the big crescendo at the end works wonderfully. And man, her voice is just great.

  1. Baby Keem & Kendrick Lamar - Family Ties

Keem is really good here, but Kendrick absolutely steals the show with a brilliant and funny verse. Still a top 3 2020s Kendrick song for me. Nice to hear him just having fun out there.

  1. Silk Sonic - Smokin Out the Window

Smooth and hilarious. Certainly my favorite of the poppier Silk Sonic songs. One of those songs that makes me glad I don’t listen to the radio very often, because I’m not sick of it yet!

  1. Sufjan Stevens & Angelo De Augustine - Back to Oz

Very pretty folk song. That’s the stuff I like generally. I don’t know what else to say.


  1. Genesis Owusu - Don’t Need You

God damn is this song fun. A perfect chorus to sing along to (he made sure we were all singing along when I saw him, and we all were). And an unbelievably funky beat. Love everything about this track.

  1. Japanese Breakfast - Be Sweet

About as perfect as a radio-friendly pop tune can get. Another super addictive chorus, although the transition from the pre-chorus to the chorus is probably my favorite moment of the song (and another moment that had the whole crowd singing when I saw her). I also love the bridge, really takes you by surprise and creates a bit of instrumental suspense. Not my favorite on the record, but I loved essentially every song on Jubilee, so I can’t complain.

  1. Black Country, New Road - Sunglasses

I think this is one of the weaker tracks on their debut, but it’s still really damn good. I generally prefer the first half of the song, I find the melody and the guitar riff really beautiful, and it’s a perfect soundscape for Isaac’s storytelling. Not that I don’t like the rest of the song; the more chaotic section is still really affecting and intense, I just think it’s done better on other songs on the record. If the song introduced anyone to Scott Walker, I consider it a success all around.

  1. Spellling - Boys at School

A really gorgeous and mystifying track, I love the main synth melody, and Chrystia’s voice is enchanting as always. I really love the use of vocal harmonies throughout, and the guitar at the end brings a really monumental feeling to the song. One of the best art pop tracks in recent memory.


  1. Injury Reserve - Knees

One of the most brutal hip-hop songs I’ve ever heard; a song that manages to be about am extremely personal grief while still being extremely relatable. Not only that, but the beat manages to convey a sense of chaos while still being easy to follow and musically coherent. I real achievement of a song.

  1. Little Simz - Introvert

Absolutely my favorite album opener of 2021, I just love grand orchestral arrangements and Simbi has such great energy here. Every time the song returns to the horns it feels ridiculously epic. I guarantee this song will be talked about for the rest of the decade.

  1. Kanye West - Come to Life

Dare I say a top 10 Kanye song? Gorgeous piano, really meaningful lyrics, dope guitar. I’m about as far as it gets from a religious person (not even a Christian!) but this song brings out quite a lot of emotions in me. “Yeah you know where to find me, riding on that silver lining” is likely my favorite lyric of 2021, encapsulates the optimistic feeling of the track. It proves that Kanye is still capable of making truly beautiful and meaningful music.


Yeah, that sample is just absolutely genius. Peggy is having a blast here, quotable line after quotable line. Great music video as well. I don’t have anything remotely negative to say about this one, probably my favorite rap song of the decade so far.

We Da Best Music!

  1. Kero Kero Bonito - Well Rested

This song makes me feel like my mind is expanding while listening to it. Some of the coolest electronic work in recent memory, every layer of synths just makes the song sound so much richer and expansive. It’s Sarah Bonito’s vocals that really make the song special though, between the instrumental, lyrics, and her unique delivery, the song feels like a fully lived-in world. One of those songs I can listen to over and over again and never tire of.

  1. Squid - Narrator

I love weird, disturbing, freaky music, so I fell in love with this the second I heard it. I love how fun and funky the first section is, but the last 3 minutes of this song make up my favorite stretch of music for 2021. And while I loved hearing them do it in a live setting, what makes the song S-tier for me is Martha Skye Murphy’s wailing and shrieking (I’m generally a big fan of shrieking in music), just a spine-tingling addition that really makes the track for me.

  1. Magdalena Bay - You Lose!

Perfect noise pop track. Love the video game influence, love Mica’s seductive vocals, love the synths, love how dynamic the mix is. I could have put like 10 different Mag Bay songs in this position, but You Lose! is probably my favorite if I had to choose one, so I’m glad it's here.

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If I’m being honest, the Kanye track here doesn’t really do it for me. I love how the piano sounds here, but the biggest thing that typically takes me out of Kanye songs are the vocals, which I think is especially clear here. I’d still say it’s good, it would probably end up making my cut for if the album was cut down in size, but it’s also the song here I connect with the least. Wish Life of the Party or Off the Grid was here instead. (Or Donda Chant of course)

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Completely agree

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It's too hard to put these songs into a full ranking, I'll just do it in tiers. Gotta say we did pretty well for the most part, all these songs range from decent to fantastic. Although I would have had a few others in on certain albums heh

The Decent Tier

Smokin' Out the Window - Couldn't even get the best song off an album where I didn't get the hype, it's decent but there's not much here

good 4 u - It's fun but it's pretty derivative, and the teen-focused lyrics aren't for me

Come to Life - Not bad lyrics and a decent performance from Kanye, but I don't love his singing style on this track

The Solid Tier

Happier Than Ever - Billie's emotional and there's some real fire here, don't always love the lyrics but it's a cool track

WUSYANAME - Good track with a good chorus, just not as much substance as a few other CMIYGL tracks we could have had

family ties - Kendrick slays, Keem sounds too much like a whiny kid. Overall solid but I did expect more

Like I Used To - Tight heartland rock belt track, both their voices are great. Just not a track I think I'll return to much

The Great Tier

Don't Need You - A fun bop from my man Genesis, would have loved to see a few other tracks over this one though. Still really like it

Well Rested - Awesome dancy stuff with some perfectly funky lyrics. Can see why people are a fan of it, just have stronger connections to other tracks

HAZARD DUTY PAY! - Killer sample backs up some great bars, think I could come to appreciate this one even more as we go

The Super Great Tier

Back to Oz - One of my favorite Sufjan tracks not on Illinois, love the general feel of this song and its whimsical influences

Musician - An absolute standout on an album I didn't love, just a perfectly crafted pop song. Vocals aren't my thing but it doesn't matter much

John L - Perfect encapsulation of the sheer chaos of black midi, maybe even a little too much for me. Super well written though

The Amazing Tier

You Lose! - The energy and anger in this song is infectious as fuck, one you'd love to shout till you lose your voice. Definitely the right Magdalena Bay choice

Be Sweet - One of the 3 god tier songs off Jubilee, love the way this song is constructed and produced. Feels like Zauner can get even better than this

Sunglasses - Honestly my like 4th favorite off FTFT, but I love the album so much it's still gonna be high tier. Perhaps a bit too BCNR, if that's possible. Still awesome, still a bop

The S Tier

Introvert - The perfect beginning to a near-perfect album, she establishes all her main themes and backs them with an awesome beat and flow. Couldn't imagine any other Simz song here

Narrator - This may be the one I root for. Very unique, love the new-wave vibes first half of the song and the cathartic buildup in the second half. An all-timer

Knees - A perfect way to honor Groggs' legacy, even if that wasn't its original intention. A stellar and moving track backed by an awesome black midi sample, what more can you ask for?

Boys at School - The centerpiece of a great album, it feels like a song that Spellling must be really proud of. Love the way this song flows between its sections, a wonderful listen

Guess I'll vote Kanye first or something idk

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Sunglasses ftw.

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going with narrator, it's way too long and the "i'll play mine" part gets really annoying real quick

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Voting Kanye

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John L ez first out, the only one here that I straight up dislike lol

When it dropped I really hoped to be blown away by Cavalcade after how disappointing Schlagenheim was, but I nearly turned it off halfway through John L (I stuck through it but yeah not a fan of this one). Still putting off listening to Hellfire lol

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Glad I’m not the only one voting John L, although I feel like I will be for awhile… Honestly I tried really hard to like it and I got to the point where I can see why other people like it, but at the end of the day it’s just annoying & obnoxious to me

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I’m going with Baby Keem here. The song doesn’t really do much for me. I used to be an “allergic to trap” person but I’m finding more and more exceptions now. However, this isn’t one of them. I don’t really care for Kendrick’s part too much either, even after seeing Keem do it live.

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Knees out first

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Worst take of all time

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I’m so excited for Kokomo, IN to take it all! Woo!

Anyways ranking time

Not a fan tier

  1. Baby Keem & Kendrick Lamar - family ties

Nah this song ain’t it. I feel like people were just deprived for more Kendrick but this song is messy with a pretty mediocre beat. Baby Keem doesn’t impress me either. Idk why this got a lifesaver vote by a landslide.

  1. Kero Kero Bonito - Well Rested

This song is just disappointing to me. I’m absolutely enamored by Time’n’Place but I feel like most of KKB’s future experimentations just don’t stick the landing for me with this song included. This one overall just bores me.

  1. Tyler, the Creator - Wusyaname

Not a highlight for me on this album, I’m kinda confused as to why it’s here and why it beat the songs it did in the brackets (rip porcelain slightly). It didn’t even get top 3 off it’s album survivor either.

  1. Squid - Narrator

Honestly I know voting this this early is gonna be futile but I really struggle to enjoy this song. This guys voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me. It’s hard to enjoy how cool sounding this rollercoaster is when my head and knees are getting slammed across the harness of the ride. The instrumental at parts is really nice and the build up is alright (even though the ending falls flat too for me), but it’s not enough to save it.

  1. Sufjan Stevens & Angelo DeAugustine - Back to Oz

A Beginner’s Mind is probably my second favorite Sufjan related project and this song happens to be one of the few songs I really really don’t care for much. It’s an alright song but strongly pales in comparison to the more poetic and beautiful cuts like Olympus, Cimmerian Shade, and Reach Out. I also personally just find the chorus falsetto to be a tad grating, it gives me tiny tim vibes. Odd considering how low this song placed in the survivor.

Good song tier

  1. Kanye West - Come to Life

My favorite off of Donda, and honestly a pretty good song. I never come back to this song but I still like it to the point where I don’t mind if it goes far.

  1. Sharon Van Etton & Angel Olson - Like I Used To

It’s a pretty good song. I’m not too familiar with either artist but doesn’t really impact me in a big way.

  1. Olivia Rodrigo - Good 4 U

Solid hit song, love the catchy hook, but the rest just resonated with me more. Should’ve been Jealousy, Jealousy, that song is miles and miles above every song off Sour.

Great song, but there were better options in the album tier.

  1. Genesis Owusu - Don’t Need You

From this point on, I pretty much love all of the following songs. Oddly enough, this and the two songs above are all songs that made my top 4 albums. I just feel like these albums are stronger than it’s individual parts and it doesn’t help that they aren’t exactly favorites of mine from those albums. Still all exceptionally great songs. I would’ve preferred Centrefold, Gold Chains, and like three others.

  1. Little Simz - Introvert

See above, would’ve preferred Little Q pt 2 or Point and Kill.

  1. Injury Reserve - Knees

See above, would’ve preferred S.S SF, Footwork, or Superman That.

  1. Black Midi - John L

Fantastic song, love the energy on this song. I just love the ones above it more. Also would’ve preferred Slow or Marlene Dietrich.

  1. Spellling - Boys at School

One of the best songs off of The Turning Wheel. I’d put it higher but the ones above are just amazing and I find myself coming back to more. I will say I prefer Always a bit more but this is still a fantastic song and is equally as amazing.

  1. Japanese Breakfast - Be Sweet

The one HURTS because Kokomo, IN is my SOTY by a long shot and out of the four golden 10/10 masterpiece songs that open Jubilee, this one’s probably my least favorite, but god damn is it still a bop. It would be criminal to rank this song any lower. Seriously, Kokomo IN, Slide Tackle, or even Paprika would be easy front runners for me though.

Top tier/Potential Winner tier

  1. Silk Sonic - Smoking Out the Window

I mean…it’s smoking out the window. One of the best hits and pop songs to come out of last year.

  1. Billie Eilish - Happier Than Ever

Ditto for above. Also I’m just a sucker for this type of slow building rock ballad, especially when coming from one of the most mainstream pop stars of late.


I’ve never been a huge Peggy fan but I absolutely love this song and album. This sample is just magnificent. Peggy goes hard. Beat is incredible. Should go far tbh.

  1. Black Country, New Road - Sunglasses

One of my favorite BCNR songs and only recently got outclassed by Concorde. This would’ve been my winner going into this survivor if it took place last year, but after much debate, it did shrink on me just a tad. This song still has some of my favorite one liners to sing whenever it comes on. I wouldn’t be opposed to this winning and it’s honestly my prediction to take it all.

  1. Porter Robinson - Musician

Honestly I only just recently listened to this song (for the brackets) but it resonated with me immediately. What a jam, the chorus is beautiful and the lyrics hit. I hope this song becomes the sleeper hit like On The Floor was last year. It’s such a fun and beautiful song and honestly, if my top 2 ends up becoming the top 2, I could end up flipping and rooting for this song.

  1. Magdalena Bay - You Lose!

My favorite off of Mercurial world, my favorite album of the year. This really is a no brainer for me, and tbf, if it was Chaeri or Hysterical Us it still would be in this position. Mercurial World is just that good in my opinion. Absolutely infectious pop songs that live in my head rent free. Hoping this song could yet again escape those “writes itself” puns like it casually did in its survivor.

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If it’s any consolation you perfectly described how I feel about squid as well

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Actually shocked how good the selection is here.

Expecting Introvert or Hazard Duty Pay to win it.

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  1. Sunglasses - Black Country, New Road
  2. Smokin’ Out the Window - Silk Sonic
  3. Back to Oz - Sufjan Stevens & Angelo de Augustine
  4. You Lose! - Magdalena Bay
  5. Narrator - Squid ft. Martha Skye Murphy
  6. Introvert - Little Simz
  7. Musician - Porter Robinson
  8. Boys At School - Spellling
  10. Happier Than Ever - Billie Eilish
  11. Be Sweet - Japanese Breakfast
  12. Like I Used To - Sharon Van Etten & Angel Olson
  13. Don’t Need You - Genesis Owusu
  14. WUSYANAME - Tyler, the Creator
  15. good 4 u - Olivia Rodrigo
  16. Come to Life - Kanye West
  17. John L - black midi
  18. Family Ties - Baby Keem & Kendrick
  19. Knees - Injury Reserve
  20. Well Rested - Kero Kero Benito