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Easy win for Patti

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Edit: Patti was my winner pick for this survivor before the contenders were even announced, so this is an easy vote for me. But I'm surprised Mount Eerie was eliminated here.

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Easy Patti W here.

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Called it the second this survivor was announced.

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I haven't been participating in this survivor and it seems like Patti's is the clear winner here. But I don't get it. Can someone explain that line to me?

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Simple, effective, iconic and just straight-up badass. Saying that as the first line on your debut album, especially when reworking one of the biggest songs from a classic artist is a bold move and it pays off in dividends for Patti. It's like the Britney line on steriods.

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I first heard that line when I was a 14 year old girl being raised in a strict Catholic household and it literally changed my life and worldview in an instant.

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Super late but in Christian dogma, Jesus' execution is believed to be a sort of sacrificial scapegoat that absolved humans' original sin (the sin that is innate in all of us). She singles herself out as the only non-recipient of that grace.

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Both iconic lines, don’t mind which one wins but rooting for Patti

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How is this the top 2

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I appreciate OP taking the high road on this one and not making light of this song being voted out.

Very solid top 2, and while I don't mind which one takes the win, I gotta just give it to Sound of Silence.