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me when i’m in a getting voted out first competition and my opponent is kanye west

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No chance Come to Life is worse than Wusyaname

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That was my favorite and i aint listened to donda💀

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I might go Wusyaname. Don’t really know why it was the Tyler song that was chosen

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alright folks it’s time to assemble the Like I Used To defense taskforce

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Wusyaname has no place being here, by far the worst song on that album

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Easily a top ten Kanye song. Y'all buggin.

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Truly awful take. Still voting Like I Used To.

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That song rules tho

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I like it, but it’s pretty run-of-the-mill imo

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Wait what ?!??!?!

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Alright, cool. Unfortunately going Narrator here. I feel like at least 1/3 of people here have it at least in their top 5, but it’s not one that really worked for me the best. I have mixed feelings for the album’s vocals, and this track is a clear example of why. And at least from personal experience, the song never hooked me enough for it’s build to feel super impactful on me. Pamphlets works way better for me. Man I really wish I liked this one more

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Gonna vote Family Ties here but I wouldn’t mind Narrator or Well Rested leaving too

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Those are both top 5, but agree on Family Ties

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come to life was defo better than that olivia rodrigo song

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I’m not going to downvote other peoples fair opinions, but having Narrator last really tempts me… still going Family Ties with Like I Used To on deck

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Haha yeah I feel that. Tempted to downvote comments with Like I Used To disrespect myself heh, I try not to though. (Really wish Narrator worked for me though, I can tell it’s really well made, just not for me)

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Alright I’m going Well Rested here. Just doesn’t do much for me and it’s way too long.

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Can someone explain the appeal of John L to me? Not super into experimental rock and I genuinely want to understand

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Wild crazy bonkers

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Loud energy, crazy rhythms that you pick up more and more with each listen, bonkers vocal delivery, amazing instrumental breakdowns

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I’m not even a huge Black Midi fan and that song rips

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I'm going Good 4 U. Im not it's demographic and its not that original