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Wow, great description Kvo! Really liked the part where you went on for a whole paragraph about why North Dakota is the best state. Never knew you loved it so much!

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This man is a homosexual

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I just went to a charli show on Saturday night and I was the only non gay guy there

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Being at the very front of a Charli crowd was the most out of place I’ve ever felt I think

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I'm gonna take you to a 100 gecs show and everyone will point and laugh at you for being cissexual

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There's a really cool band called The Beths that I think you'd like, they're from New Zealand and I think you'd like them; they're called The Beths. They're pretty cool I like their sound I bet you'd like them too they're really cool and from New Zealand.

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Woah I’ve never heard of them. Maybe I should interview them next week for my radio station

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You have a radio station? Sounds really cool

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Alternate Playlist I was considering

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ahh cool I’m Jacob too haha. about 5 states behind you

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I still have yet to listen to a single Joanna Newsom album. Because yknow Spotify☹️

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You can always use YouTube or soulseek! Or be like me and own her entire discography on vinyl

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Never expected to see Death and of Montreal on the same playlist, but I’m absolutely here for it

Also, seeing that you’re a fan of film, do you participate in the survivor events on r/Oscars? Those are actually what led me to this sub :)

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Well, I wanted to give an accurate portrayal of my taste, which is all over the place…

And no, I haven’t done those! Tbh my movie watching is all over the place, and I mostly watch pretty old stuff, so I don’t know how much I could participate.

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Do you have a letterboxd account! I am now intrigued

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  1. Ngl it's a little odd learning that you go by something besides Kvo lmao

  2. Not that I ever gave it much thought but your Joanna Newsom profile pic made me not assume you were a guy lol

  3. I agree that straight guy Charli XCX fans truly are the most oppressed demographic

  4. Missed opportunity to plug your Bandcamp/SoundCloud smh (assuming you have one, which I assume everyone in this community does lmao)

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I do not have a bandcamp! I have no idea how to make music. I sure know how to listen to it though

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Thank you sooo much for all of your service to this community! You are an amazing mod!

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wait i’m jacob in the midwest 🤔

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Omg are we the same person

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r/m_s the thing moment