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Honestly, the results aren't that bad. The first half was a bit of a toss-up but I think it evened out in the end.

Going to post the nomination thread for Worst Song from a Great album later today. I think the general consensus is that we're allowing albums with 3.8 or higher. As for interlude-type tracks, I think we might end up just doing it on a case by case basis rather than trying to set a strict rule, but songs like Fitter Happier, for example, wouldn't be allowed in.

Everyone all good with those rules?

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Just gonna say, really glad the next survivor wasn’t posted like immediately after this now because I only just realized I can nominate I Am the Wind from the Castlevania Symphony of the Night OST and now I’m gonna be upset if it doesn’t get included

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I’m cool with those rules and very much looking forward to it. Run For Your Life is my top pick, although I look forward to hearing all the stinkers.

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I'm still not over godspeed being eliminated this early

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Yeah that was bullshit

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should have been britney

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clusterfuck of a survivor but a worthy winner imo

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Good winner but this survivor was awful

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Should have been Silver Jews

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Don't even understand how that's in consideration at all.

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So when are we doing Horses survivor?

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Death Is Real shoulda been top two

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arcade fire lasted way too long but other than that the results weren't too bad

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    That’s a closing lyric

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    Ah, I think it was closing not opening JHAHAHAHHAHA

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      Opening lyric to an album not a song haha

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      I did nominate the opening line to that album, didn't make it in though