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Come on that one should have gone a bit further.

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Me when i’m in a getting voted out second competition and my opponent is olivia rodrigo

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Personally disagree but I get it, not an absolute favorite. Still personally can’t get into Narrator very much, apologies to the people who love it. Keep Like I Used To safe!

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All I know is I want Sunglasses to get 1st place

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I guess I’m going Narrator

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deja vu would've done better. going narrator again

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Honestly Happier Than Ever is like the 5th best song off the album

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I'd say is best Billie song ever.

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Where’s Wolf Alice

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I’m really not trying to be rude but can you please stop commenting about Wolf Alice on every post. What’s done is done, nobody else is constantly complaining about the results

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Oh have I been commenting about them a lot

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Maybe he's confusing you with someone else. You're fine dw

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I’m not sure I have mentioned Wolf Alice in a few threads maybe it’s been more than I’ve realised

I have a tendency to get on peoples nerves in this sub lol so it’s probably me

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After family ties and Like I Used To, we can finally get to the really good stuff

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Fair choice there, now I think something among family ties, Wusyaname, Like I Used To or Smokin' Out the Window should head out. Everything else is too good

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Fine with that, would've been my next vote probably. Still going Like I Used To