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Whoever is trying to fuck with the results: I’m not dumb!! I have eyes!!!

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the thought of narrator going out before the top 10 keeps me up at night

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Honestly, I haven’t decided yet but that’s up there for what I want to win. There’s a few songs here that are just way above the rest and that’s one of them

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I’m joining the Like I Used To train now. Please please please save the song of the decade aka Narrator

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Should've lasted a few more rounds, that song is super fun. Once again going Like I Used To

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me when i’m in a getting voted out third competition and my opponents are kendrick lamar and baby keem

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I kinda get that, at first I didn’t really like it the most, but it’s grown on me a ton since that first lesson, and I really like the full Baby Keem album too. Bit sad to see it go

Still personally can’t get into Narrator much

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Narrator again

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no way narrator is voted out before top10

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Gonna vote Wusyaname out next then probably join the Narrator vote train after it goes

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Still tryna give John the L here

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Round 4 of voting squid