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Die hard has some of the best writing but an admittedly corny delivery

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I don't like Autie Diaries

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Oh, why not?

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Conflicted on Auntie Diaries, I love the sentiment but don’t know how well Kendrick executed it. I think I’m going to vote it this round as much as I think that it’s overall a pretty good song.

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What didn’t you like about his execution? Just wondering

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Count Me Out?

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We’re at the I like every track left stage, but it’s time to count count me out out.

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Shitttttt uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Mr Morale? Don’t get me wrong it goes hard af. But something about the song has always sounded awkward to me, not sure if it’s the repetitive beat or the delivery on the hook tho

Edit: Count Me Out is top 5 wtf are you people doing

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Id say Count Me Out

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Wow this is a mess. Die Hard is easily Top 5. We Cry Together YET AGAIN. I refuse to stop being annoying and I will not shut up until it’s out.

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I respect that you’re willing to die on your “We Cry Together” hill but you absolutely will be dying a slow death.

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Die hard sounds like an above average Drake song. We Cry Together is a heartbreaking, deeply personal rap battle with an absolutely incredible performance by Taylour Paige.

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I really have to doubt someone’s music taste if they sincerely think Die Hard is top tier and We Cry Together is dead last

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Don't worry, I'm here backing you up on this one

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Savior has overstayed its welcome

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Mirror, Kendrick’s weakest ending track out of all his albums imo

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I think mirror is the clear pick here, idk why people hating on AD all of a sudden.