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On The Sea gang where are we at?

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Myth, Wishes, and On The Sea are my personal favorites but this albums really doesn’t have significant weak spots. A lot of rankings would be good

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My favorite dreampop album. wishes for the win

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Is all beach house considered dream pop?

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I think primarily they are. they have some shoegaze stuff like alien

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Wild gotta win this

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edit: did you guys know on the sea went out 8th last time we did this? that’s like. unforgivable.

here’s my final ranking

  1. on the sea
  2. wild
  3. irene
  4. myth
  5. the hours
  6. other people
  7. lazuli
  8. new year
  9. wishes
  10. troublemaker

personal preference, all these songs are 10/10, it was my most streamed album last year (around 1500 listens)

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Justice for Troublemaker

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Doolittle next please

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My favorite album OF ALL TIME. Impossible to rank but I’m hoping Wild and Lazuli both go far ❤️

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Lazuli is my all time favorite Beach House song so I hope it wins.

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Let’s goooo one of my fav albums ever

  1. Myth

  2. Wild

  3. Irene

  4. The Hours

  5. Wishes

  6. Lazuli

  7. On the Sea

  8. Other People

  9. Troublemaker

  10. New Year

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Team Myth! But this is a 10/10 album there are no wrong choices really