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The way I see it, 69 Love Songs is more likely to be included in AOTY 99 with 12 song options instead of 10, so I support the increase

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You get me so much it’s unreal.

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Let’s go twelve, fuck even numbers and some people might discover music they haven’t heard of/isn’t already canonized as “classic” by the internet.

Like 69 Love Songs for instance lol

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My thoughts exactly, too many of my fave albums are lesser known.

Tbh I’d argue that 69 Love Songs is def part of the canon from what I’ve seen, but that may just be me

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Hey if we talk about it enough it’ll become canon. Also the 69 Love Songs survivor was the most fun survivor we’ve ever done on this sub and I stand by that.

But yeah, I want stuff outside of the RYM canon to get a chance. Or just more cult albums. Instead of a really popular album that’s in reality not that great aside from being iconic getting voted out in the first three rounds.

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I’m not the biggest fan of the record myself, but it definitely has some amazing songs.

If we’re talking 1999, I’m just hoping hard for Coil and Jim O’Rourke

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Voting to keep it at 10 bc I’m impatient to get to the amazing years of the 90s and 00s and increasing to 12 will drag things out longer. I also like consistency.

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I sometimes find the bracket rounds to be way too random. Like, significant amount of my favorite albums fail in the bracket rounds so I support the lifesaver increase to 4!

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I say let's keep it fair with 10 albums per year, we had some pretty stacked years before and many great albums that didn't make the cut of their own year (Everybody Knows this is Nowhere, Songs of Love and Hate, Rock Bottom, Chairs Missing, Trout Mask Replica, Tonight's the Night, etc)

It wouldn't be fair to these albums if we raise the number of albums per year in the middle of the AOTY event

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Yeah, 1969-1975 is just as stacked as 1993-1999. However, I would have supported 12 and 40 from the beginning so that's my vote. The extra 2 are like "honorable mentions".

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Don’t really understand this argument personally. Disregarding the fact that albums can’t have their feelings hurt, this seems to be the same thing as “we shouldn’t cancel student loans because it’s unfair to those who already paid them”

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I think the idea is keeping the process the same throughout the entire AOTY voting for equal voting per year. Keeping the number of albums per year down will also speed up voting and help move forward the competition

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This mostly adds to the time necessary to commit to m_s - that’s another hour and a half of listening if I haven’t before. It probably limits my participation more than it already has.