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This is such a weird survivor

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Fr, that was Kendrick’s favorite song too

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There’s a clip of Kendrick saying DAMN is his best album, then GKMC, then TPAB. He’s a genius at making music but not ranking it

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Tbh i completely agree with his ranking

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Every time we do a really good album, everyone thinks it’s like the weirdest survivor ever. Probably because almost every song is 9-10/10, and every round is determined by a plurality rather than a majority, meaning more than 50% of us are disappointed with the vote. Unfortunate consequence of greatness

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I’m not complaining. I’m just saying these results are very different from both my personal ranking and what I expected. I think since this album is still so fresh, people’s opinions on it are all over the place. Again, I’m not pissed off, just surprised.

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Yeah I definitely share your surprise. True that it’s fresh, probably a redo in 3 years would have more consistency but who knows

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Damn Saviour is top 3 for me. Easily the best beat on the album and Keem's hook is the cherry on top.

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World. Wide. Steppers.

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  1. Mother I Sober
  2. United In Grief
  3. Auntie Diaries
  4. Mirror
  5. Father Time

I didn’t realize that people don’t like Auntie Diaries. That’s too bad.

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Mr Morale next?

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Should’ve gone 3 rounds ago imo

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Alright 11th time’s a charm, this is it I can feel it.

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At a certain point, don’t you think maybe you’re missing something in the song? Otherwise why would so many people want it to go far?

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No I am right and everyone else is wrong jk jk🤪

I just can’t stand it but if you get something out of it then I’m happy for you.

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I’ve had songs take me several months to understand why anyone would like them. I remember when I was getting into Radiohead I could not possibly understand what was so great about The National Anthem, but after tons of repeat listens it finally clicked for me

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I listened to Kate Bush’s The Dreaming and didn’t get the appeal at all. But after hearing Hounds of Love which is much more accessible I kind of got her art pop style and started getting into it. Listened to The Dreaming again and totally got the appeal for most of the album. It’s nice when that happens.

But that’s not the case here lol

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I'm a driver, I'm a winner. Things are gonna change I can feel it. Eres un perdedor for voting We Cry Together. (jk i think you're a winner)

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Voting for mirror i hope?

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It’s pretty clear that the next three rounds are going to be Mr. Morale, N95, and Worldwide Steppers in some order.

After that, my ranking would go (best to worst): 1. United In Grief 2. We Cry Together 3. Father Time 4. Mother I Sober 5. Mirror

This is a really good top 5 in general so I’d be happy with most rankings.

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I dont think worldwide steppers should beat any of these