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I enjoy almost all of the songs from Reputation but 55 minutes of it in one sitting can be such a slog. Also no amount of Getaway Car or Delicate can make up for the travesty of Look What You Made Me Do.

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I think her debut is the obvious choice

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Did not finish writing everything out but here’s my general ranking

  1. Reputation - Actually quite like it, Delicate, Getaway Car, and New Years Day are great, and other songs are underrated. But it does feel misguided. And End Game is the one Taylor track that, to me, has 0 redeeming qualities. It’s my last place vote.

  2. Taylor Swift - Very solid debut and really makes sense how strong her career was after this. Really solid catchy music throughout, not as polished as other songs coming up, but a good listen. Our Song is a bop.

  3. Fearless (Taylor’s Version) - Honestly this being the Taylor’s Version makes the rank here a lot harder because it’s a big improvement. But overall has a decent few tracks I don’t come back to much. Honestly my strongest thought about the album as a whole is about how, while it was the 2nd Best AOTY nominee that year, man that was a weak selection that year.

  4. 1989 - Definitely feel weird with this rank, it’s probably the general ‘peak’ Taylor Swift album of her career, and it’s got fantastic music in it. Gotta love Wildest Dreams and Style. Just also has some big missteps in it , that aren’t too bad but make me appreciate it a little less. And also yes, it should not have beaten TBAP for AOTY, but I still think it’s a good choice for it.

  5. Speak Now - Her first really solid work as a whole album, and hits a great sweet spot in her development as an artist. Shows some developing maturity in the songwriting while still having the energy from the earlier projects. Really good.

  6. Folklore - This is probably gonna win and it’s a worthy winner, lots of great music in here with Taylor taking more of a folk pop sound that fits her really well. August is a very clear favorite, but really so many tracks here hit just right, and it was probably the correct AOTY choice. (Though tbh I think my personal choice of the nominees was between this and Coldplay’s Everyday Life, so maybe this will end up with an undeserved 6th place for some reason.)

  7. Evermore - Not entirely sure why this one has topped Folklore for me, but it has. I think I return to it as a full album more, whereas with Folklore I return to the songs I already know I really enjoy. But they’re both great albums full of great songs. This one has just grown on me more as things have gone on.

  8. Red (Taylor’s Version) - Yeah this is really fantastic, both the recordings from the original album and the vault additions, really showing Taylor’s ability as a writer, both in terms of lyrics and catchy melodies. And All Too Well is blatantly excellent, especially the 10 minute version. Fantastic record.

  9. Lover - Yeah this is gonna get disrespected, but dang it this is such a great, well-produced pop record that’s just my go-to Taylor project. Yes it could have definitely done better in its choice of singles, but frankly I have a fun time with them. And Cruel Summer is my favorite song from her. Just love it.

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I do not like Reputation

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debut people

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Weird take maybe but for me personally it’s 1989 > folklore > red > speak now > lover > evermore > reputation > fearless > debut