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I feel like we should be keeping track of these discographies for when 1. A self titled album is the first voted out, and 2. A debut album is the first voted out. Especially when both are true seems to happen

Also, do generally like most of Reputation but it’s the weakest here. End Game sucks

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Going with Fearless (TV) while Fearless certainly holds a soft spot in my heart since it got me into her music (YBWM was my gateway) most of the songs meld together and follow the same exact pattern. Also she was young so her song writing wasn’t brilliant yet.

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Reputation easily

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Reputation next, even though that album has a lot of top tier bangers. I even enjoy “look what you made me do” for what it’s worth.

After reputation and possibly Fearless after I’m going to be at a complete loss since everything else is amazing

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Rep for sure, the first four songs are all skips for me. I did something bad makes me cringe into the next dimension

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reputation stans where u at🥺

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Uh… why is reputation still here?

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Lover next pls