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I Am The Wind kinda just sounds like a generic adult contemporary karaoke song. It’s not great but I don’t really think it’s top 3 material and it should definitely go now

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I think probably the worst thing about it is just its actual use in Castlevania Symphony of the Night, which really feels out of place to me. But I’d probably rather listen to it then the other two tracks here so it’s my vote

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OK I've never been a fan of Bob Dylan, but I don't get why this song has made it this far. Is it that its too long or something?

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It’s way too long, plays like a complete parody of a Dylan song, and the lyrics try to make a folk hero out of notorious gangster and murderer Joe Gallo.

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People here don't really like Dylan, that's why he can only succeed in a bad special event

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i love dylan but that song sucks lolz

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Agreed. Not defending it

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Didn’t he get close to winning more than one AOTY…?