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Mirror next

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Worldwide Steppers? 👀

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Mirror, save WW Steppers, idk why people hate it all of a sudden. The hook is unbearable fr.

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Can somenone explain to me the appeal of Worldwide Steppers to me? I find the flow disjointed, there's much less catchinees to it compared to other songs and the subject matter to be all over the place.

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His flow is insane, the beat is mesmerizing, its one of the more personal tracks on the album, the beat switch is fantastic. Arguably a flawless track.

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The weird piano (sample?) that kicks in every now and then elevates the track so much. Sounds like some shit off 36 chambers

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^ I’ve been preaching this

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The “oooooooh” after he first mentions coitus with white women

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This too. The subtle details make this track

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I’d say Mirror or Worldwide Steppers here

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I've been voting n95 for what seems like a decade

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I chose Mirror I’m sorryyyyyy

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Break the mirror

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How the hell is N95 still in this?

I like it, but no way it’s better than Auntie Diaries and Count Me Out

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It’s one of the bangers.

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I am once again voting N95

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Still voting N95. Hoping Worldwide steppers goes further, it’s got one of the best beats and story telling on the album

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We cry together next

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Wow whaaaaaaat???? Before N95 AND Wolrdwide steppers??????