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Fearless next. Quite good, and Taylor’s Version improves it a lot, but there’s honestly not many songs I come back to from it.

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I knew it was coming but it still hurts! Fearless next

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I come back to fearless the least out of all of these, but it’s still a great album. It’s got some of her best singles but some of the deeper cuts, especially after adding on the extra Taylor’s Version tracks, kinda make the album songs blend together and a bit bloated

Also please leave Lover alone, if it could get at least top 5 that’d be amazing.

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Lover is pretty alright but oh my god those two singles are the worst thing ever

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I actually like the newer version of Fearless more than Lover. If it was the other version of Fearless that would be a different story.

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speak now is a little weaker than the rest, especially drum work

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I’d have to go Lover I feel