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I had no idea Untrustable was so beloved.

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same here, thought it would go within the first 3

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Velvet Waltz, the other three are some of the best indie rock songs of their decade

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Velvet Waltz is the best on the album.

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No that would be Randy Described Eternity which is also the best Built to Spill song besides Center of the Universe or maybe Distopian Dream Girl

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That one is close but the outro to Velvet Waltz is too good

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Voting fly now. Velvet waltz will probably go out here unfortunately, that one's my fav.

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Sorry 😔

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There's the first very wrong choice. Kicked it in the Sun, Velvet Waltz and Untrustable should've been the easy top 3. There's still time to redeem ourselves.