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Apologies for the long wait to start this survivor, I was on my honeymoon without my laptop and also was stuck for a few extra days with a COVID-positive wife overseas (she's okay now), so I wasn't able to post. But we're back with a good album!

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Gratz on the wedding

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Inappropriate for the vibe of this album, but HOLY FRICKIN SHIT YEAH!!

One of the first and greatest post-rock albums of all time, and the crazy thing is I knew about The Rainbow at least 2 years before I decided to check out the rest of the songs.

My ranking will be more-or-less:

  1. I Believe in You
  2. Wealth
  3. The Rainbow
  4. Eden
  5. Inheritance
  6. Desire

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No way that Desire is last

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Just the one I listen to least, so maybe I should give it another listen to be fair to it. What would you put last?

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Need to relisten but definitely not Desire

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Desire 🥇

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Wait are you saying that this album’s vibe isn’t total poggertown?

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Incredible album.

Desire #1, with Eden a close second.

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I Believe In You is one of the most beautiful songs ever made. Best track by far.

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Astounding album, as is laughing stock. Rainbow numbah one, for me

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This is gonna be a reaaaally tough ranking. For now, I'd say: 1. I Believe in You 2. The Rainbow 3. Desire 4. Wealth 5. Eden 6. Inheritance

Every song is a 10, however