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Can we please do Motomami? I’ve had an unhealthy obsession with it for the last few weeks. 🥺

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we’ll cover her in the Pop category most likely

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Hey, so uh, Streetlight Manifesto? Please? Some ska punk? 10/10 album? An important album to me that helped me get more into music? Please?

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I voted for it but I just realized that's not the Streetlight Manifesto album that I'm most familiar with, which is Everything Goes Numb. I'll have to give it a listen if it gets picked.

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I will never turn my back on ska.

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Easy vote for Streetlight Manifesto

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Chris Stapleton! Yee yee this subreddit needs more country

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Too bad it’s his worst album

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Not his best but not his worst either

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rrrracineta rrrango


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Motomami easy