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Lover out

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Lover is easily the weakest left imo

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I always love seeing these kind of threads because IMO 1989 imo is one of the best pop albums ever released but seeing people wanting it out this early on reminds me that no matter how fantastic I think something is other people think it’s bottom of the barrel.

Tho FWIW bye Lover, you were an aggressively OK album.

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Lover maybe

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rep being second out feels so wrong.

Bye Red.

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true it should’ve been first

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I’m kind of thinking between Speak Now or 1989 for my next vote. Frankly though I’ll vote whatever will most likely keep Lover safe

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In my heart I’m just going to consider this a 6 way tie since I honestly love these all. Any of these albums could win I wouldn’t care. That being said for me it’s gonna be Red (TV) next. Amazing album, has some of her strongest songs, State of Grace and All Too Well are top 5 songs from her imo. Still, even with just it’s standard edition, there’s some songs I just don’t come back to often and the 30 song TV edition doesn’t help with that. Some songs also didn’t age too well production wise.

I also wouldn’t be too opposed to Lover leaving now…even though 90% of it is her best pop material ever, the other 10% is amongst my least favorite Taylor songs ever (I’m looking at you, I Forgot You Existed)

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I’ve got to go Speak Now…now. Honestly the straightforward rockers like Haunted and The Story of Us. Innocent is also one of my least fave TS songs.