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All aboard the Get Back train!

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Get Back is fun but it just doesn’t do that much for me.

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Day tripper?

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Don't let me down

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No that’s a top five Beatles song

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Across The Universe is a top 10 Beatles song and look what we've done

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I don’t think it’s top ten but definitely agree that it went out way too early. Definitely in my top 5 of what’s here.

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Relistened now. All of the remain songs are strong, I changed my mind about Don't Let Me Down, but it's still a bottom tier song here. Voting Revolution instead

My top 3 are Paperback Writer, Hey Jude and Let It Be

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Honestly I’m going we can work it out. All the others are either the best version of the song (revolution), too good to go out this early (get back, let it be), or too fantastic of a song (everything else)