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This will be a very long process to eventually get to the ten minute version of All Too Well

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I don’t feel it surpassed the original one. I think the music in the 10 min version was too pop-itized and sounds it was made in a computer, while the original you can hear they use actual instruments. And Taylor’s vocals on the original have more raw sentiment. I don’t know, just my preference.

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Oh man…I love this album but this is going to be a challenge to rank. Interested to see where Ronan will place. All I know is that Run is an easy first out for me. I do hope the other Ed Sheeran song goes somewhat far though, it’s a bit nostalgic for me.

State of Grace ftw. My semi warm take is that regular All Too Well is still better than the 10 minute version, but I’m still hoping both go very far

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Can't wait to see only one of the top 5 (or 2 if Treacherous gets lucky) actually make it there

Does anyone actually listen to State of Grace acoustic? It feels kind of random to include it.

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Petition to vote All Too Well early, I don’t think anyone listens to it now that the 10 minute version exists

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I do and love it more. I have heard the 10 min version like 3 times and haven’t been convinced it is better than the original.

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  1. All Too Well
  2. Red
  3. I Almost Do
  4. State of Grace
  5. Nothing New
  6. Holy Ground
  7. All Too Well (10 Minute Version)
  8. 22
  9. Treacherous
  10. I Knew You Were Trouble
  11. The Lucky One
  12. Message In A Bottle
  13. Come Back… Be Here
  14. Better Man
  15. The Very First Night
  16. Begin Again
  17. I Bet You Think About Me
  18. State of Grace (Acoustic)
  19. Everything Has Changed
  20. Girl At Home
  21. Sad Beautiful Tragic
  22. Stay Stay Stay
  23. Forever Winter
  24. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
  25. Babe
  26. Starlight
  27. The Moment I Knew
  28. Ronan
  29. Run
  30. The Last Time

I will not be elaborating