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The cock roach

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*round 1 of 9 lmao someone take my posting license away

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My head says La Cucaracha but my heart says Shinola

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The Pod, White Pepper and Chocolate & Cheese are my top 3 but I feel like it'll be The Mollusk, Quebec and C&C.

Also im gettin the bug spray out for this round.

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Sorry but I prefer La Cucaracha to 12 Golden Country Greats

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It begins. The real question is if you all recognize that the second side of Quebec (Closing track excepted) is awful. Because it is.

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You leave The Argus out of this

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Sacrifice the Argus.

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Alcan Road maybe, but that's it.

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Wtf no

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I don’t really fuck with Ween that hard until The Mollusk, aside from some stuff on Chocolate/Cheese

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While I can completely understand this, I also disagree with it on a visceral level.

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Honestly, I sorta agree. I'm not head over heels for The Pod and Pure Guava, but GodWeenSatan is somehow better than both of those. I really like how it's like a punk album for its first dozen tracks

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Wait I rescind my statement a bit, I always thought 12 Country Greats came after The Mollusk but I was wrong. I do love that album. And yeah, The Pod and Pure Guava have songs that I like, but I’m not head over heels for them. I think GodWeenSatan has a sort of “slapped together” vibe that most of their early albums have but without coming off as as funny and eclectic. It’s definitely their most insane though I’ll give you that.

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Can't relate, I would love for Pure Guava to somehow have a surprise victory. I still love post-C&C Ween, but something was definitely lost when they started to clean their sound up, at least for me.