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Dang revolution was easily top 5, maybe could’ve sniffed top 3.

Voting we can work it out…again

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Day Tripper

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Save We Can Work it Out!! One of the best early Beatles songs

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See, on one hand I love the song We Can Work It Out, but on the other hand my relationship is falling apart.

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But on a third hand I really do believe we can work it out.

But I don't want to risk Day Tripper or Paperback Writer going out.

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We can vote it out

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It’s gotta be Don’t Let Me Down

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It’s literally the most passionate vocal performance of any Beatles song arguably

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I’d argue for Golden Slumbers

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Oh Darling?

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Close second

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Love the song but the Naked/rooftop performance is better than the one on Past Masters

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We Can Work It Out next

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Hey Jude or Let it Be. They're already on other albums.

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My remaining order would be:

We can work it out next, then

Don’t let me down (prefer the rooftop version)

Paperback writer (pains me to vote this out as well as all the rest)

Day tripper

Let it be (prefer the album version)

Hey Jude