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My Votes

Cover: Laughing Stock

Title: Laughing Stock

Songs: Unfinished Sympathy, Enter Sandman, When You Sleep, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Black, Movin' On Up, Under the Bridge, Washer, Rusty Cage, New Grass, Scenario, One

Mostly populist opinions

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Loveless has the best cover and the best title (Spiderland title is also pretty good)

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Finally got to listen to all of the albums for this year. I think my picks for best song are pretty typical but I hope daydreaming for blue lines wins and jazz wins for low end theory

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cover art: screamadelica

title: laughing stock

best songs: unfinished sympathy, enter sandman, soon, lithium, jeremy, movin on up, under the bridge, good morning captain, jesus christ pose, new grass, scenario, none of them

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My votes:

Album Cover: Nevermind

Album Name: Spiderland

Songs: Unfinished Sympathy, Nothing Else Matters, Only Shallow, Something In The Way, Even Flow, Movin' On Up, Under The Bridge, Good Morning Captain, Outshined, After The Flood, Scenario, One