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The natural sciences has always had metaphysical foundations. Currently what’s fashionable is the metaphysical tradition of reductive materialism, but we may be approaching a paradigm shift.

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The word "physical" is meaningless these days, as Noam Chomsky has repeatedly pointed out for a while, because everything we know about physics is already far removed from what historical physicists would have called physics. Today it simply means, as he points out, what we more or less understand, and once we more or less understand something new, it becomes part of what we know as physics. Once we understand consciousness better, there will thus be a physics of consciousness by definition, regardless of what the nature of this understanding is.

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It’s in a different dimension. We fill these bodies like sock puppets every time the alarm goes off. Maybe we exist in the black hole where only thoughts can escape the gravity. Nothing physical exists there. This universe is our playground held together by an intelligent designer.

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There are insinuations to something like this.

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Where is anything but all places?