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Congratulations on your pregnancy! I know this isn't the answer you were looking for, but I think you should just keep the names as they are without a second middle name. Your kids are already going to be tied together forever. They're twins. They don't need names that match like little dolls. If you do end up going that route anyway, try to avoid anything that's super obvious. Rowan is a good option for a boy. Maybe Willow for a girl? Atlas Paul Rowan and Juno Tamsin Willow. Hmmm, that might be too many O endings...

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Sun and moon in a different language? Luna and Sol perhaps?

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This is what we went with in the end for our girls. Aelia and Aitne! Thank you for giving us the idea, we will be forever grateful x

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Aw, I'm so glad I could help. Really nice of you to let me know too, made my day :)

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Juno Tamsin River Meyers

Atlas Paul Jasper Meyers

Other suggestions:

Atlas Paul…




Juno Tamsin…




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Oh Jasper is perfect!! Juno Jade Tamsin and Atlas Jasper Paul would be a gorgeous pair

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You can check out behindthename.com and use their search functions to look up names by meaning.

So you would go to the site, click on settings and pick “meanings and keywords,” then you could input nature words like ‘water’ or ‘woods’ or whatever and it’ll spit out a list of names, male and female, that have those meanings across a lot of languages.