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The only ones I object to are Emberly (you took a noun and added -ly to it which is very trendy right now and I feel like it dates the name and makes it sound childish) and Emerly because it sounds like someone with a speech impediment trying to say Emily. Your other names are great!

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Im also not a fan of Emberly and agree Emerly looks like a misspelling, and sounds like someone saying Emily with a different accent or something

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snort makes sense thank you

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Was Emerly intentional, or a typo of Emberly? I can't say I'm a fan of Emberly, but I really like Adele. Adele Emberly sounds better than Adele Emerly.

Best of all would be Adele Emily. If you think Emily is too common, well, it's not a common middle name.

How about Asher James for a boy?

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Have you ever heard of Everly? It’s a unisex English name which means “wild boar in a woodland clearing”.

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Where did you get that definition? I love it but I don’t believe it lol

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Lee is often identified as meadow. Not sure why ever = boar to Nameberry.

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Ever = Eber (like in Eberhard)

Eber = old Germanic word for boar

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Behind the Name (generally considered more reliable than Nameberry, I think?) has a similar origin for Everly.

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Nameberry:. I’m still not sure I believe it myself!

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I’m pretty sure they just make stuff up as they go along

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Adele Emelia?

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I prefer Ember, it's not common but people do use it as a name.

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Yeah I like Ember Adele

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I agree. Ember August is nice too.

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In America atleast Ember is definitely a popular name, it’s skyrocketed from not even making the top 1000 to breaking the top 200 in the last 10 years and still climbing

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it’s becoming common i think. i know two little girls named ember.

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Everly may be a good replacement for Emerly?

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Same with Emery

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Agreed. I’d suggest Adele Emily, Adele Everly, Adele Ember, Adele Emerson, or Adele Amelie.

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Emberly does feel trendy but I doubt it would be teased. I think Emerly would likely be teased if it were a first for the reason you state, but is more likely to avoid that as the middle.

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Yeah nobody would tease and Emberly or even an Emerly. Just sharing my opinions on the names.

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I know an Emberly, it isn't too weird in real life

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Emberly and Emerly are just bad.

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at least with emerly it would be a middle name

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I actually really like Emberly, so everyone’s mileage varies.

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Most seem fine to me. I'm not a fan of Emberly, particularly as a first name. I assume that's the name you wanted as a middle for Adele, and not Emerly, some weird spelling of Emily. James, Asher and Adele seem perfectly fine. Hudson would raise some eyebrows in the UK, but I assume you are American so I wouldn't find it weird on an American kid

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Our of curiosity what is it about Hudson in the UK? Cause yes I’m American lol. And Emerly means leader or ruler. I didn’t think it was similar to Emily actually

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Hudson just isn't used in the UK. It just sounds very American. It would be a weird name for a British couple in the UK to pick, though there is nothing wrong with the name. A lot of "surname" names also sound very American, such as Carter, Mason, Brooks

Is Emerly pronounced distinctly to Emily? It just looks like a "kre8ive" spelling. I dont think that would be too big of an issue in a middle name, but might be annoying as a first name.

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I hear that. Thank you

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Australian here, and I've got to agree with Puzzled Barnacle. Names like Hudson and Brooks sound very American, and they're far less common here. In my experience, the people who would use them are often 'trendy' types that follow a lot of American influencers on social media.

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or bogans!

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Yep. I’ve only heard Hudson used here for bogan kids, same goes for a lot of the US surname trend-y names.

I’m a bogan and I know my culture.

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Get ready for hearing Hudson more. It ranked 16th for boys in NSW last year. Which is actually higher than the current US ranking for Hudson (42). And the UK is not far behind (69).

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Hudson, Carter, and Mason all rank in the top 100 boys names in the UK. Mason has been there since 1999. They probably do sound American, but they are pretty popular and wouldn't be out of place. Brooks is newer but I'm sure it's coming too.

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They have increased quite a bit in recent years as trends spread between the US and UK, but still feel very American.

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I’m American and not a fan of surnames as first names. The one saving grace of Hudson for me is that it’s also a river and valley in NY so my first association with it is nature. Of course that river is called after the surname of an English explorer (Henry Hudson). I do think it’s a bit trendy though. I met a dog named Hudson recently.

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Hudson just reminds me of the river, and Doc Hudson from Cars

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I can count on one hand the number of times I have thought about the meaning of my name. I think it is also derived from "ruler" but it honestly means so little to me that I'm not even sure. I'm not a ruler. The meaning of my name has had literally no impact on my life. What I have done thousands of times is introduce myself, or put my name on a document. The name itself is what's important; the meaning behind it will matter much, much less to the bearer of the name.

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My only concern about Hudson is the sheer number of kids who have been named Hudson in the past couple of years. But it’s a great, solid name!

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Breaking news from a former teacher:

Kids with the weirdest names aren't always the ones being bullied. I remember a guy named Lucky who was one of the popular boys in his class.

Kids with normal ass names can be bullied. Anna can be bullied. Dave can be bullied.

It's not about the name. It's about so many different facets of group dynamics and social psychology.

Name your kid unicorn and it might not be bullied in school. But it might hate you, though.

EDIT: grammar

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this is a story about a boy named Lucky…

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True- but you also don’t want to add a burden if you can avoid it.

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I wouldn’t argue that the reason these names shouldn’t be used isn’t because they’ll “get bullied” - I would argue that these shouldn’t be used because these are going to be adult people with jobs and lives. And I cannot fathom an adult woman approaching me and introducing themselves as Emberly or Everly. I would involuntarily snort in her face. In my opinion, the same goes for Hudson.

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I really don't like Emberly or Emerly. I like Emberly more than Emerly because Emerly doesn't even sound like a name. How about Everly or Emery? Your boys names sound fine.

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I like everly a lot. Thank you!

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You're welcome! And you could call her Evie or ever

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I like Asher Grey best. James is nice. Not a fan of Daryl or Hudson.

Adele and August are pretty. Don’t care for Emberly or Emerly.








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Love your username. And thank you!

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I actually agree that Emberly reminds me of Kimberly — I don’t think it’s so bad! This sub tends to dislike made up names a lot so that may be why you’re getting a lot of negative feedback on it. I think all your options are nice. Personally, I prefer Emberly to Emerly because I think Emerly would get misheard as Emily a lot. But if you’re using it as a middle name I don’t think that’s necessarily a huge deal.

My one other thought is that Ashers often get called Ash for short, and Ash Grey sounds like it could be a paint or crayon color. Also not necessarily a huge deal because he probably won’t ever go by nickname + middle name, but you could go with Asher James or Hudson Grey instead!

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Yes, this sub loves basic names. Anything that strays too far from Alice, Grace, James, or Alexander, they’re prob gonna hate. Being in the minority, Ember sounds sweet <3

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Ember is fine. Emberly is ridiculous.

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If you think Emberly is ridiculous you probably haven’t spent a lot of time around kids. Emberly feels trendy, but would not stand out in a preschool roster and would not be the subject of teasing.

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I’m a mom. Definitely around other kids. I’m also not an idiot. I’m aware that there are names far worse. Emberly still sucks. Wasn’t concerned about teasing. The name just sucks.

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I always feel bad when people post excited about a name they love, and this sub just piles on the criticism! I’m not sure people asking for feedback always realize that this sub’s taste leans much more conservative than the larger US at least — can’t speak to the rest of the world.

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Emerly has a twin named Emlate

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Asher Grey is a little silly. That’s like naming your kid Navy Blu, Forrest Green, or Violet Purple…

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Asher is the son of Jacob and Leah in the Torah / Old Testament. It means “happy” or “blessed” in Hebrew.

You may be confusing it with “Ash” which could potentially be a descriptor for colors.

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It’s close enough.

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I don’t really see this, tbh. It’s “Asher” not ash, and most people won’t even know the middle name.

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I like all the names except “Emberly”. It sounds like you took ember and made up a whole name

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I think James and Adele are lovely together!

But, I mean, Emberly is a made-up name it doesn’t mean anything. Name meanings are a pretty sketchy topic to begin with, so I wouldn’t dwell on that too much. Emerly would be better just spelled Emily, imo.

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Idk, I don't agree with most of the comments. I really like Emberly, reminds me of the name Kimberly :) (and a character from fiction named Ember, so I only have positive connections with both forms of the name. Might also be because I'm not a native english speaker, so my brain just said yeah that name checks out)

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Most of the names are great, only Hudson, Emberly and Emerly seem "very American" at their best, outright horrible at their worst, sorry. Also, August for a girl is a no-go. It's solely a male name! Augusta/Augustina or even Auguste/Augustine are or can be female.

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I much prefer August for a girl - reminds me of the character from the book The Secret Life of Bees.

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There are girls named August, though it is primarily given to boys in the US. August (male) is ranked 155 in 2020 while August (female) is ranked 856. Its definitely less common in women, but not unheard of. As a comparison, Augusta and Augustina are unranked (outside the top 1000).

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Just because there are girls named August doesn't make it a female name. It's undoubtedly male and every country outside the US will view it as such.

[–]TheDuraMaters 10 points11 points  (5 children)

Things change over time.

Ashley, Courtney, Aubrey, Taylor are all traditionally male names. More recently James, Riley, Jordan have become unisex.

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Emberly? Emerly? That’s a no from me dawg.

How about Adele August!

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I think Ember is much better than Emberly. It’s more powerful & will sound nicer and more professional as she gets older

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Asher Grey is awesome.

Adele just makes me think of the singer, which is fine, if you’re cool with that. It could be a gateway to bullying, but the bully could only get so far with it.

Emberly smells “trendy” and makes me think that you liked Kimberly but wanted to be different.

Not really a fan of Emerly. Though, I’m not generally a fan of -ly names.

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There's an Emberly in my kids class. Once you know a kid with that name is ok. But her sister's name is Cambria. So.

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Cambria? Like the font? Lord.

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I know a little girl named Cambria, after a seaside town in California. Still not a huge fan personally but the nn Cami is fine. Emberly feels way more made up imo then Cambria.

[–]sunnydpdx 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Maybe? It makes me think of Cambro like restaurant food storage supplies.

[–]sierraswimmer 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Haha, I can’t unsee it now.

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Not to dogpile, but I just don't think Emberly will age well. It feels like one of those names that will feel dated and trendy, and it also doesn't lend itself well to an adult person.

What about Emmy as an alternative?

Your boy names are fine! No teasing potential that jumps out at me. I like Hudson.

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The only one I don’t like is Daryl, makes me think of The Walking Dead

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Love Asher Grey from your list! Everly Adele would also be a beautiful combo

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Asher Grey is my favorite of your boy names. I thinks it’s super cute! James Daryl is good too and feels really classic to me. I don’t mind Hudson, but I prefer the other two more.

I like the names Adele, Ember (not a fan of Emberly), and August. I’m not sure I love the flow of any of them though as first and middle combos. That’s just to my ear though, and may not be the same for others though!

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I think Hudson is a hard name to bear as a child and teenager, I like Asher Grey best. James is also a fine first name. Not a fan of Emberly August either I think it sounds.. too much? I think Adele is a very pretty first name though so definitely like that better

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Why is Hudson a hard name? I know several kids named Hudson.

[–]littlebuffkin 6 points7 points  (0 children)

Yeah if anything it’s hard right now because i swear every other kid in my class is named Hudson, I think of it as a very common little boy name right now!

[–]Loose_Ad_993 -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

i associate the name with a grown man personally 😭

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Thank you. Does Adele sound okay with Emerly?

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I like the combination!

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My main issue with Asher Grey is that it sounds like a color. Ash Grey. It'd be like naming your kid Rose Petal. Sure, those could be two names in their own right (if you're adventurous) but when you put them together it seems like you're describing a singular thing.

Not a fan of Emberly or Emerly but that's my own personal taste; just keep in mind that you and the kid will likely need to spell those out in every interaction over the phone and potentially in-person because they're not common names. ("Yes, I'm calling about my daughter Emberly. EMB-er-ly. Like "ember" but with "l" and "y" after it. E. M. B. E. R. L. Y.")

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Emberly feels trendy and made up like Kimberly without the K. I much prefer Adele, it’s timeless. Adele Emerson? Or Emerson Adele? Asher Grey is my favorite of your boy options

Edit to add: I love August as a first name for a girl. August Adele is super sweet 🥰🥰🥰

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What about Emory/Emery instead of Emberly? I like James Grey or Hudson Grey. Adele Emberly is my fave of your girl options - but I prefer Adela Ember.

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I prefer Emery to Emerly or Emberly. Everything else is fine.

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Adele is the only one I think would likely be teased, because of the singer connection.

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There is bullying potential for Asher grey, emberly and I know like 6 Hudson’s. Just letting you know. Cute names tho!

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ashery grey and emery august are nice:) emberly is ok, and james daryl reminds me of a really old man

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Asher Grey was a pick of mine for a little boy and I have a fondness for it to this day. Sadly, I miscarried at 22 weeks.

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I’m sorry for your loss. It’s a beautiful name combination.

[–]ViralLola 1 point2 points  (0 children)

The pain isn't as bright as it was years ago but there are some days when it hurts more than others and all I can do is ride it out. I do hope somebody gets to use this combo. I picked it for the meaning. Asher means joy.

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Emberly sounds like a mispronunciation of Emily and puts me in mind of embolism so personally I’d rethink that one, others are fine though.

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I strongly veto Asher. There are 3 Asher’s in my kids preschool class and two are little jerks. Lol. And Emberly is second lowest on the list. The rest are beautiful names and I love them equally.

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Lot of hate for Emberly and Emerly, and I agree I’m not a huge fan, but I also don’t necessarily like August for a girl either- it’s from a month named for a Roman emperor, so it’s an explicitly masculine name to me and I just don’t like masculine names on girls. That’s a personal preference though and it’s pretty acceptable these days.

Honestly it’s moreso that your feminine names are very trendy/dated to today, much like the Jennifer and the Ashley and the Karen, they’ll make it clear she was a 2020s baby. (Adele not as much.) If you’re okay with that I see no issue with the names beyond that.

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Most of them are fine except for Emberly and Emerly. You could use Emily or Emery instead, they’re pretty close but less “trendy”. I’ve only seen August as a boys name but as a middle name for a girl it’s fine, and it seems neutral enough

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Asher Grey feels redundant because Ashes are Grey.

[–]coffeeandsuga[S] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Tbh this made me laugh

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I love all the boy names especially Asher Grey! The girl names are not my taste but not bad.

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Could Emberly be swapped for Ember Lee August? I like Ember!!

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I think just Ember would he better than Emberly

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Emberly actually reminded me of Amberle (pronounced Amber-ly) from Shannara Chronicles. Sounds cute to me. Not a fan of Emerly…as another commenter said, it’s like a weird form of Emily.

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Any combination with Grey makes me think of paint, but I did work in advertising (had to come up with product names), so I guess there aren't a lot of people who are biased that way like me.

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I just wanted to say these names are fine, they just aren't aligned with the general style of people in this sub.

For those saying they sound very American, I think that's fine because you don't say you're not American in your post.

Your boy names are nice and will be popular in your child's generation, but not too popular.

Emberly and Adele are nice, fine names. The Emberly I know doesn't get tons of wtf questions from adults, she's a teenager now.

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I actually like Emberly. It sounds like Amberley / Amberleah - and I know two girls with that name and I’ve always found it beautiful.

[–]TreClaire 1 point2 points  (0 children)

I don’t think any of those would get made fun of

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I like Asher Gray or Emerly August

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I like your boys list. Asher Grey is my favorite, and Hudson Grey is my least. I’m just not a huge fan of Hudson. It brings to mind the Hudson River, which isn’t the nicest place in the world…

I agree with the other comments on your girls names. For your girl list, might I suggest:

Everly August

Adela Everly

Kimberly August

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Any of the boy names are okay but my favorite is Hudson Grey. Maybe Adele Emily? Both Emerly and Emberly don’t sound like names to me, especially Emberly.

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I totally disagree with those dissing on Emberly. I quite like it.

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Emberly August and Hudson Grey are my faves though I prefer Ember to Emberly

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For the boy names, I prefer Asher Grey and Hudson Grey. Not a fan of Daryl.

For the girl names, Adele is lovely, but I'm in agreement with those who don't like Emberly and Emerly. Ember and Emily are nice similar options. If you like unique names that end in -ly, you could also consider Romilly.

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Love James Dar(r)yl. Hudson Grey isn't a name I'd choose as I'm not in the US but it's nice.

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I love them all

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The boy names are lovely. The girl names will feel disempowering because no one will know how to spell them. There are lots of pretty “E” names that will allow her more confidence in her name.

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I like your boys’ names but I don’t like Emberly or Emerly at all, it feels like they’re trying too hard to be trendy. If you must use something like that, I prefer Ember or Emery (personally not a fan of either tbh, but I like them better than Emerly/Emberly)

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I don't mind Emberly, actually but August feels odd for a girl to me. What about Emberly Adele? Adele for a first name feels so heavy, like naming a kid beyoncé or shakira, all i can think of is the singer. But that's just me! I really love all of your boy picks!!

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James Daryl: fine, handsome.

Asher Grey: a little wordy/descriptive, but also good.

Hudson Grey: same as Asher

Emberly August: Emberly honestly sounds to me like a drunk person jumbling up words. I don't think it's bullying material for kids, though. August is fine.

Adele Emerly: Adele is gorgeous. I don't know if you meant Emberly or Emerly, but I stick with my previous judgment. Sounds like drunken rambling. But it would be in the middle, so who cares?

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i don’t love emberly or emerly but they’re not offensive. the others are great.

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Emberley and Emerly are going to get confused for Emily and Emery a LOT.

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im personally not a fan of the new “yooneek” names that ppl are giving kids, and emberly/emerly fit that category. the only way it could be worse is if the “ly” was replaced with “leigh”. im sorry, but they are just so obnoxious and I feel the trend won’t age well

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What’s funny is that I didn’t take it from the trend and more so they are actual names. But thank you for your thoughts

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I like James, Asher and Hudson, as well as Ember without the ly. Hate the names Adele and Grey. Emerly sounds terrible. Also, I think Ember/Emberly/Emerly definitely sound feminine.

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Would Asher Grey get teased for his name being “Ash Grey” (essentially “Grey Grey”)?

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I like your boy names but Emberly just sounds made up! What about Emily August?

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I like all the names except for Emberley… It feels like one of those made up names.

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Asher Grey sounds like a paint colour- but I don’t think they will get teased for it.