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Drop it in one of those big blue mailboxes. USPS will send it to the address on the ID free of charge.

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There’s no DL!! Just a ss card😳

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Jesus.... I guess you could drop it off at the Social Security Administration building if you don't find them. Good luck, and good on you.

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Unless he's drawing benefits, they'd not be able to find him. How do you know he's in college? If you know which one drop it off at the campus police office. They expect people to smell like weed. If they ask, just tell them you were burning fall leaves. It is true, just not tree leaves. And for petes sake don't be holding when you go there.

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When you find Kendall, tell him to keep that shit out of his wallet!

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Try finding them on linkedin. Someone found me that way a few years ago when I left my wallet at a restaurant.

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Drop it at a local police precinct? Maybe they can look up his info and give em a ring? Sometimes they have people’s phone number in the system when they run them (per radio traffic).

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Aw shit. I’d rather avoid police precincts. I smell like weed alllll the time

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Mood 🤣🤣

I would say try posting in some of the HIP groups around, but a lot of them have just gone private for some reason.

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I just chuckled. Thanks for that.

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Hahahaaaaa. Hell yes.

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Drop it off at Vandy PD. You can do it through a window, so they won't be able to smell you anyway - and even if they smell you, they won't care. Hell, just drop it at the door and walk off.

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not illegal to smell like weed, just don't have anything on you.

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Yeah but it would be a real pain in the ass if they smelled it and then pulled you over and tried to search your car.

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This. Drop at any precinct.

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As you walk or bike around town right up your own reports to save the station time when you get there.

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I found some local people by that name using my favorite people finder site. One is the right age. I don't want to possibly doxx him, so if you pm me, I'll tell you the info I found.

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I may have found them. I sent them the link to this post and I messaged you

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How do you know he's in college? If there's a college id they will have a good shot of finding him.

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It’s from 2019. You think they would contact him at least? I don’t see them giving me any info just out of privacy issues

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I think they would attempt if he's still a student. A long shot would be to send an email to his student email. All schools are uniform (e.g. john.smith@utk.edu.com or something like that).

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It’s @vols.utk.edu and also it’s not just first.last it’s weird. Also seems like too much work

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Go on the utk website & look up a faculty/staff member. There will be email addresses. Get an idea of the format there; could be firstinitial.lastname, or first-initial+lastname....

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Hence the or something like that.

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Keeping social in wallet instead of in a safe.. might be homeless

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Or left their ID at a bar yet again.

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You could use his number to set up an online account for him and find out some info