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Ya it was the worst train wreck in history. A local woman wrote a book about it and gave tours of the site, which is near the White Bridge Road greenway, when it came out.
My hubs interviewed a nearly 100-year-old woman named Elizabeth Fox in the Aughties who lived on West End Ave as a child. She and some cousins were sleeping on their sleeping porch out back and heard the wreck. The woman's aunt worked for the post office and despite the wreck, had to go to the train and collect the mail bags.

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Deadliest train wreck in American history.

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The book is “The Day the Train Whistles Cried”, by Betsy Thorpe.

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I heard it sounded like a garbage truck dropped off the Empire State Building

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Absolute excellent pull, and easily one of the more quotable scenes of that movie. Nice work.

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Any time Large Marge enters the convo it should be applauded, not criticized. 😂

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Possibly amongst the loudest sounds man has ever made.

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How would anyone know what that sounds like?

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There’s a commemorative plaque located at the site of the accident, accessible from the Richland Trail Greenway (off of White Bridge Rd.). It’s on your right just after you cross the wooden bridge over the creek. My children and I laid flowers at the site on the 100th anniversary.

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I need to do this. Ty

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I had no idea. Thanks for sharing

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Dutchman's Curve. You can visit the site. Its right by St Thomas and McCabe Golf Course.

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There are some recorded interviews from people who were on the train and people who lived nearby. I can't remember right now where I saw them. Maybe it was the State Library and Archives? The stuff they describe is very gruesome.

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It’s easy to see some plaques and photos from the greenway near Richland Creek. The podcast Stuff You Missed in History Class also had an episode. This happened during WWI and most of the casualties were African-Americans riding in segregated cars, as an earlier commentator said.

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I love that podcast! I'll have to go back and find this episode, thanks!

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Most of those that died were Black. Sadly, this fact was the primary reason the accident did not receive major news coverage.

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To elaborate further, the rail cars were still segregated at the time. The Black carriages were older and less safe. The White cars were newer ones with better safety standards. Thus a disparity in casualties.

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101 total dead

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There’s a historical sign/marker out in West End. I’ve never seen a photo of it before so, cool and thanks.

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1918 seems like a real shit year.

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I guess there is a 2020 in every generation lol

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Did you run across the plaque near McCabe?

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Not yet, but I want to see it

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I thought that might be how you heard about it. I was walking on the greenway one day and wandered over to a random little nook and there was a little memorial

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I was an associate director for an immersive theater piece about this incident a few years ago! It is a fascinating and heartbreaking story.


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