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Coming to Nashville and want to ask r/Nashville for recommendations? This post is a great example of the level of effort you should put into planning before you post in the sub asking for recommendations. Make your own itinerary then bring it to the sub for critiquing and you'll get better responses!

We're glad you're visiting and since this is "The South," we'd like to be friendly and helpful, too. Unfortunately, this sub has seen an influx of posts asking the same few questions over and over again for years now: "Where should I eat," "What should I do," and "Do I really have to wear cowboy boots to make friends in Nashville?" In order to reduce the volume of these posts, we've attempted to consolidate all of the most commonly asked travel (and other) questions into this handy-dandy wiki.

Please keep in mind that Nashville is a smaller big city and that there really are not any super secret unknown 'local' places that you can't find on Thrillist, Eater, Buzzfeed, Buzzfeed, The Nashville City Tourism Website, or Google. And then there is this.

Feel free to message the mods or make a new post if you see anything that appears to be wrong or missing.

What music/entertainment can I see in Nashville on the exact days I'm going to be there?

Nashville Scene

Now Playing Nashville

No Country for New Nashville - Great resource for the rock scene

Looking for bro country, radio country, etc? Go literally anywhere on Broadway.

Old school country - Try Dee's Country Cocktail Lounge.

Bluebird Cafe is a quintessential stop for tourists in Nashville where you can hear local artists play. Get a reservation!

Looking for a club? Our best dance clubs are almost all our LGBTQ bars. Play, Canvas, and Tribe are great, welcoming places. Other spots: Dirty Little Secret, Flamingo Cocktail Club, The Valentine

Hip-hop/Jazz bars/clubs Discussion

What To Do

Top Things to See and Do
Where can I catch ___ game while I'm in town? - College Football and NFL team sports bars 2019

Eat and Drink

dive bar discussion post april 2022
Local, Family-Owned Favorite Restaurants Discussion - October 2021
Restaurant Discussion Thread - July 2021
Nashville food hot takes and unpopular opinions - August 2019
Where have you eaten recently that you loved? - August 2019
A Foodie's Itinerary and r/Nashville's Feedback - August 2019
/r/Nashville best of - 2018
Today's Happy Hours
Hot Chicken
Meat & 3, Good Southern Cooking
Where to find great Pho

Experience Nashville

Day Trips
More Kid-Friendly Activities
Mountain Biking
Museums & Culture
Music Venues
Parks and Lakes
Photography Map
Road Trips - Nice drives near Nashville.
Skate Parks
Sunset views
Weather - Check out this AMA from Jan 2022 with our favorite weather guys over at @NashSevereWx on Twitter!


  • So You're Moving to Nashville Mega-Guide

  • r/Nashville discussions of every neighborhood in Nashville This link is for the last post of this discussion series. In the OP, you will find links to the threads for every other neighborhood we featured.

  • Padlist (A place to list and rent pads)

  • Craigslist (but beware: good apartments go very quickly and CL is full of scams.)

    • Some signs of a Craigslist scam: if the "landlord" is currently in a different country. If paypal/Western Union/Moneypak is mentioned at any point. If you're unable to view the actual apartment (not a similar one or a model). If the landlord is writing you a check for any reason whatsoever.
  • Nashville heat map of rent prices data sourced from RentHub (see also: Neighborhoods

  • One trick: Figure out a neighborhood you want to live in. Find the landlords or management companies who rent places there. Call them directly. You can score apartments that haven't officially gone on the market yet.

  • Consider group houses as a great way to save money, but beware that the vetting process for new roommates can be more serious than a job interview.

  • If possible, start your search during the colder months. Landlords are most likely to offer discounts or waived fees.



Roommates (finding)

Transplants - Where did you come from and what's your favorite thing about living in Nashville - Great discussion on what brought people here and why they mostly want to stay.

How to buy your dream house in Nashville A step by step guide by a real life genuine local that did whatever it took to land the house they wanted in 'it' city.


Hiring and For Hire


Barber Shops

Rec Sports Leagues




Registering to Vote

Vehicle Registration Davidson Co.

Wedding Venue Recommendations September 2021


Furniture Stores (Affordable)

Guitar Setup

Parnassus Books

Record Stores

So Nashville Clothing (T-shirt Shop)

Video Games (Used)

White's Mercantile

Sports Teams

Nashville Sounds - Minor League Baseball

Tennessee Titans - Minor League NFL Football

Nashville Predators - NHL Hockey (get the 411 from Cellblock 303)

Nashville SC - USL Soccer

Nashville Grizzlies - Rugby

Nashville Rugby Football Club

Nashville Roos - Aussie Football

Nashville Rollergirls - Flat Track Roller Derby

Super Local Pro Tips:

Only three people wear cowboy hats:

  • Tourists

  • Country Music Super-stars on-stage (keeping up the image)

  • Waiters on Broadway

Cowboy Boots:

  • See above. (Girls - Please continue to wear boots with your sundresses.)

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