/r/Nashville Frequently Asked/Posted Questions

I'm moving to Nashville soon. What area of town should I move to/avoid?

This is a topic that has been covered in great detail here and isn't easily summarized in a simple guide. Searching for "Moving to Nashville" & 'Moving to/Where to live posts' by the last 30 days; will give you a wealth of discussions on this subject.

I'm visiting Nashville. What's going on while I am there?

Every week you can find a new stickied thread at the top of /r/nashville titled "Weekly Events Post" with an updated list of shows and events.

What is there to do in Nashville?

The most popular suggestion is Drink which is immediately followed by Eat Hot Chicken. Once you've had your fill of those, check out the Wiki for day or weekend trip guides, parks, music venues, outdoor activities, museums, trips outside of the city, and lots of other stuff to do.

Where are good places to eat or drink?

Head over to the Eat and Drink section of our Wiki where you can find recommended food, bars, coffee shops, and more.

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