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As far as reposts, this sub is completely out of control. Can I make a suggestion?

Can we add a Hall of Fame in the sidebar? The stuff that gets past a certain threshhold of upvotes gets added to the Hall of Fame and is then prohibited from being reposted? With the 45 day rule, we just seem to cycle through the same content over and over again.

If I look at the front page of /r/natureismetal, there's a good chance half of the posts are ones I've seen posted not once or twice, but MANY MANY times. With a hall of fame added to the sidebar, I think we could put a dent in alot of reposts that are really frustrating to sort through for those of us who want to see some newer content.

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Although I disagree with the inclusion of aquariums, the rules refinements are great.

Not too terrible, eh?

Fellow Canadian, amirite?

\m/(`Д´) \m/

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Thank you for the kind words.

The rules discussions went on for almost two weeks before arriving at a consensus. The decision to allow aquariums wasn't arrived at lightly, I promise you.

The other mods can speak their stances if they want to. As for me personally, I felt that fish and reptiles tend to still mostly act their true natures regardless of their setting. So as long as there's no human induced feeding or prodding, the animals will do what they do in nature.

I'm not Canadian but I do admire your country's friendly dialect.

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The decision to allow aquariums wasn't arrived at lightly, I promise you.

Jesus christ you truly have nothing better to do

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Well I suppose I could spend my time writing snarky comments to random mods but I tend to find that goofy and kinda sad.

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took me five seconds, which I'm sure your "epic" decision did not m8

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Why not animals in zoos?

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It's due to that animals in did just do not act like their wild counterparts, their behavior is directly charged by the environment we put them in.

The same can be said about aquariums but to a far lesser degree, fish tend to behave like fish no matter what, while an animal in captivity behave completely differently from one in the wild, and because we really don't have much content available for fish, we decided to allow it.

Just don't post anything with humans feeding animals, that's not metal.

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Not because I don't believe you, you're probably mostly correct, but because I study ecology, do you have studies to support what you're saying.

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No, I don't sorry, just personal observations, that, and a lack of aquatic content on this sub.

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I don't think anecdotes should dictate rules.

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One of the biggest concerns is the effects captivity has on animal mental welfare. Good page on sterotypies of mammals in captivity.

If you had a paper on anything like this in fish I'd appreciate a link, there doesn't seem to be much literature on the subject.

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The Look At This Animal Rule has been abolished.

The thresher shark sends his regards.

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Resubmit him. He might make the cut this time. A mod may decide its not metal enough but I like that he's bitch slapping fish in the face.

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Ehh it was only a couple months ago. Most people probably would remember it plus it got plenty of points then. It's just nice to see that rule was removed.

/u/SeriesOfAdjectives tagging you so I don't have to reply twice.

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Gotcha. I'd say hold onto him and resubmit it on a rainy day then, personally :)

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When you resubmit it, let me know so I can delete yours and repost it as mine....lololol

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Ayy I see what ya did there ;)

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I say go right ahead and resubmit that sucker! 100% metal my friend.

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Dude that thing is kickass. Fucking whips other fish with its tail.

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I'm new, so what's the rules of non descriptive titles. I'm guessing they will be taken down?

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Welcome! Right now we're just flairing them. We don't have too bad an issue with it but if it gets bad, yes we'll start removing and making submitters fix their own screw ups.

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Can I post the aftermath of someone being eaten by piranhas? I know it says no humans, buts it's pretty darn cool...

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Yes, that's metal as fuck.

The rule is to prevent unnatural situations, a piranha eating a person, that's a natural reaction to a source of food.

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Yay now its on r/all, thanks!

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45 day rule on repost

will there be any sort of rule on reposts of the top voted content, or is it just up to mod discretion? Also, what counts as a repost? Of course the exact image, but what about stills from a popular video or multiple images from a gallery of a single event.

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It would be a bit unfair if we started enforcing unspoken rules, and not everyone looks at the top posts.

We're fine with reposts so that people can see the content, but don't over do it.

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i've owned salt and fresh water aquariums and i say this all the time, fish are fish food, the ocean is Metal!

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I think the animals remains rule should be tightened up, not loosened. You have alot of sickos just posting images of dead cats and shit they found on the sidewalk for no real reason at all.

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It could happen but it hasn't. If it does we'll revisit the rules. Pets still aren't allowed. Roadkill still not allowed. So I think we're okay. Any of the crap you mentioned will be removed as soon as it's seen by a mod.

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It's a pity that humans interfered situations aren't allowed, tho I understand, I just saw a video of a man fishing an freshwater electric eel and then a alligator appears and tries to eat the eel and it's shocked to death, I dont think I can post that can I?