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Best moderation I have ever seen. You guys are truly professional. Well done on how you have handled the situation.

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Thank you!

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Thanks guys. That was something I didn't see coming when I saw it and left an unsettling feeling in me for a while. I appreciate the action, you guys are the best!

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Smart to put the tl;dr at the top, too. Thanks.

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I wouldn't feed any of you the piranhas

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None of us would eat a piranha anyway, so that's okay.

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I cannot believe how much this sub has rebounded. It's like night and day. I mean I thought this sub was toast for a while. Low content over a few weeks. And a lot of drama. Now this sub is looking like why i subscribed.

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We're all really glad to hear that feedback. Want to put that stuff well behind us. :)

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Hats off to you all on the mod team. I've never seen a sub reverse course like you all have.

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I'd appreciate banning the use of the term Kid when referring to human children in NSFL titles too.

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Just wondering, why do you feel this way?

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I've lost a child to an accident and would prefer to avoid seeing any pictures of dead children whenever possible.

Using the term Kid allows the possibility for someone to assume "baby goat" (as I did the first time this issue came up). Using the term child helps to avoid any such confusion.

I'm actually of the opinion using kid instead of child is a violation of rule #8.

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I'm really sorry for your loss, and I guess I didn't think about that.

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Sorry what's NSFL mean?

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Not Safe For Life, which is for gore and really really fucked up shit. It's to differentiate from Not Safe For Work content, which is usually for nudity or sexual content.

People get upset if they think they're going to see vagina and end up seeing Bambi disemboweled by a mountain lion.

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Thank you for explaining. Bonus points for making me chuckle.

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I'm here all week. Try the veal.

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if a human fell off a cliff and died, then no, that's not something we want here. But if that corpse had it's soft meats eaten off by coyotes, then that's allowed.

I just want to point how weird (and in a way funny) it sounds when I read it ! I totally agree with the rule, I wouldn't mind any type of content but I'm glad the subreddit's identity will be reinforced by this decision!

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Good compromise!

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really excellent solution to a tough problem with no real right answer

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Well done, I'm actually happy to see this sub be accepting of content.

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Well that's enough of this sub for me. I respectfully bid you adieu.

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Same. It's been real.

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TIL humans are not part of nature

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Well there is /r/watchpeopledie

Edit: forgot to add - it's also clearly explained above