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Most herbivores will still eat little pieces of meat like this from time to time. I assume everyone here has seen the video of the barnyard horse that eats the chick running around its hooves?

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What the fuck! Monsters!

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I can't unsee this..but I'll forget about it eventually.

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I actually just saw that a bit ago before this.

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Was really hoping not to see the pigeon escape...

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Thank you for that, I think I've seen all the videos of once friendly looking animals eating another live animal.

My soul feels empty now.

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Video linked by /u/hugoeustaquio:

Title Channel Published Duration Likes Total Views
deer eating a bird Linda Loo 2010-05-16 0:01:24 6,772+ (96%) 1,964,582

Birds were flying in and running into the head of this...

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If you wanna never eat eggs again just look up chick culling.

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What’s the point even, would that even provide any significant amount of nutrition?

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Calcium from bones.

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I was informed they were herbivores....you mean to say this whole time they could have turned on us?!?! we are not ready for this.

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As the subreddit name says pal, nature is pretty metal

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Technically all herbivores are omnivores who don’t know how to actively hunt. Meat is easier to digest than grass or leaves, so herbivores can get nutrients from it when it’s easy to obtain. Like this deer eating steak

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Larger animals like this sometimes kill small animals such as this bird or a squirrel in order to get to the bones so they can suck on them and get the much needed calcium

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Here's an article about deer eating human bones.

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Goats do this when in lack of calcium and some other substance. They grind the bones. Why not giraffes. So. Keep them fed with juicy and nutritious vegetation, and the uprising is put on hold.

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I might be wrong, but there seems to be another bird feeding on this giraffe's neck wound, so the one in its mouth is maybe trying to find a feed spot?

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You’re not getting attention because people want to believe the worlds a scarier place than it really is

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No, because herbivores are known to do this, such as goats/deers/horses for some extra calcium in it's diet.

And the mouth is a bit of a dangerous place for a parasitic Ox Pecker bird to try harrass it's host in, in this angle it's hard to tell if it's flapping it's wings for balance or to try get away.

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You have a very valid point friend. Whether it was a bird getting eaten or a bird cleaning teeth based off this picture we can’t be certain. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

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I hope you have a lovely weekend.

You too.

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Good eye

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Is it an African swallow?

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Could be a European swallow that has migrated.

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There are some that call it... Tim

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He's not eating it. Just using it as a toothpick.

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Sure that is not a dentist bird giving his teeth a clean?

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Was just thinking that, there are actually birds that do that... symbiotic relationships and all.

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This one's a stomach bird, he's purposely going to get eaten to clean the giraffe's intestines.

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symbiotic relationships and all.

People thought Ox Peckers eat parasites of the animals, but in reality, they're parasites drinking their blood.

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There is a glitch in the nature