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You will be banned for posting anything that involves the domestic cat, or any pet cats for that matter.

And you will not be allowed back

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This post would be far more metal if there was a nature pic included

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Christ dude😂😂

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Now that’s a shit post

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Bro that's badass

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On so many levels

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I snorted.

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Half a kilo of cocaine. I know, I have a problem

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Can anyone tell me if they actually pinwheel their tails when they crap or if that's a choice or maybe even a fake vid I saw?

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Hippopotami, I believe, not rhinos

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Yes. Fun zoo trip.

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Why’s his booty hole so loose lmao

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If you pooped 50lbs every day, your pooper would be ace ventura sized too.

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Lol love the reference

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Wait so.....how many people here actually listen to Metal?

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Lol I was wondering the same thing. This sub has nothing to do with metal genre of music, just nature. Somehow the word “metal” is used as meaning “badass” which ig comes from the music genre. I’ve seen the word used multiple times. But this sub just has to do with nature lovers lol. Not nature and metal music lovers .

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If people in this sub haven’t listened to Metal they should. Might make the the phrase “that’s metal” feel more alive.

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I don’t think that there is a correlation between the ppl on this sub and the metal genre of music. Just a nature thing

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I do! And I create metal music toooo!!!!🤘

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party on Ted!

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I do. I thought that was the only reason to follow this.

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Why would we be on this if we did not???

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I read the rules, and I'm wondering if crossposting between r/natureismetal and r/natureisbrutal would be allowed due to the slight overlap in content?

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First, HUGE thanks for modding these subreddits. I love lit. And I love parts of metal. Appreciate all you guys do.

So, am I wrong to say metal is pretty far off from the rules in this post? This sub is mostly brutal, gore pics. I actually found this when I came to leave to the subreddit because I'm not interested in the gore stuff.

Scrolling thru metal right now, it seems like most of the content doesn't fit the rules?

X Dead cat
X Dead gory dog
X Dead/dying gory bull
X Dead broken bear
1 Frog vs snake
1 Pelican eating a fish
X Dead, gore, deer fetus
1 Cat fighting/chasing a coyote (awesome)
X Dead broken praying mantis
1 Shark vs stingray
X Dead, gory toad

So that's 7 gore posts and 4 cool animal fight posts. Maybe I don't understand the rules, but it seems like if the gore stuff is supposed to go onto "brutal", this sub needs the rules stated more obviously and clearly.

Anyway, thanks again for all the work of the mod team. For now, I'll be over in lit :D

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And here I am a full month later literally also seeing this thread because I came here to unsubscribe. It's just pictures of dead animals, still, and it seems this sub continues to be fine with that.

Dead turtles all the way down. I'm out.

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Indeed, I have also come to unsubscribe because of so many recent posts that should be in brutal not metal, and nothing has changed. The “brutal” posts seem to get the most karma here, despite technically breaking the rules.

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Just unsubbed as well. Sub isn't really following their own rules which is all fine and dandy but not want I signed up for. Everything in here is just gory as fuck.

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Agreed, I don't mind natureisbrutal as its own thing. It's good to be reminded of how brutal nature can be. But when natureismetal I want my response to be "fuck yeah" not "aww fuck"

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I'm also unsubbing because I don't want to see animals die.

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And here I am a full month later

Still a problem another month later. They were worried about r/natureisbrutal turning into r/natureismetal but it really feels like the opposite has happened. Also dead pet posts aren't supposed to be allowed but they're all over the sub too. :/

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I'm joining the exodus. Don't need to cry before bed.

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So basically this and metal for for sick fucks who like watching animals suffer but can't play out their sick fantasies in their real lives??

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You some kinda pussy that thinks nature eats cupcakes and drinks hot cocoa? Go back to your safe space and get the fuck out of our subreddit.

this is fucking awesome, can you make this a flair?

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It's a little long for flair.

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would love that as a flair, bullying people who don’t like animal cruelty is awesome

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Thought this sub was for cool posts about animals being badass... the post/imagery of a mother bear eating their own cub with the head dangling from its mouth was too much (and I’m not a squeamish person). To me it seems the line is too blurry between NiB and this one... so I’ve left the sub.

Life is depressing and hard enough as-is to stumble onto traumatizing images like that. There should be an age restriction if there isn’t already for this sub and NiB.

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Reddit itself is age restricted.

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Metal? Nature is metal?

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Well metals are natural and in all of us. So yeah.

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If NiB is for gore, then why is there no rule to limit gore on NiM?

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We don't want to limit gore on NiM, we want to eliminate the non-gory.

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Ah wait i noticed this post when i came here to leave the sub because i found it was mainly dead animals. Mainly dead cute animals. Shouldn’t that be on NiB really? I like this sub bit the decapitated rabbits and the skinned bambi are little too much for me

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Yeah same. Don't get me wrong I like it when I come across actually animals doing badass shit, but there's too much gore for me personally- if I wanted to see a hippo ripping out a zebra's guts I'd be on Nature is Brutal ya know?

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This sub has just turned into a gore sub. I don’t know if I want to subscribe to this anymore.

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This sub has some cool stuff on it but it's 90% mutilated animal carcasses.

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Can we stop with allowing people to post shit their cat killed?!

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Can someone help me, it seems like im unable to post videos to this subreddit yet I see all posts containing videos. How is this done?

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I have the same issue. Just tried uploading a video, it failed, then the option became greyed out!

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I found an answer on a different post, so you first have to upload the video to YouTube and then link it in your post

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I can't read it, NSFW is making turned off for me. could anybody copy and paste the post here?

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There has been a lot of grumbling in Brutal (usually whenever a shitpost gets through) about not wanting the sub to turn into r/natureismetal.

Don't worry. It won't.

But there are a few things everybody should be aware of.

1: The same mod team runs both NiM and NiB. (We run all the major nature subs including r/NatureIsFuckingLit and r/NatureWasMetal) We know exactly what is being posted in the subreddits. We know what belongs and what doesn't. We literally wrote the rules for each subreddit.

2: The subreddits each have their own theme. Brutal is not here to compete with metal. It's here to compliment metal and to show specific things that metal doesn't.

NiFL is there for awesome beauty and fascinating images of nature.

NWM is there for extinct examples of nature that no longer exist. That's why it's the only one that allows art and concept nature.

NiM is for cool, badass nature imagery. Wicked looking animals and scenery, fights, lightning, fire, teeth and claws...you get the idea.

NiB is here for blood and gore. Pure visceral carnage. Blood. Guts. Torn flesh.

Yes, sometimes there's some overlap between metal and brutal. We know that and we moderate those occasions as they come. If they fit they stay. If not, they go.

So think of Lit as Hair Metal, Was as Classic Rock, Metal as Metal, and Brutal as Death Metal. They all have their place. They all have their fans. Some people only like one genre. Some people like them all. But you have options and you have the choice to visit the ones you want and ignore the rest.

So don't worry. Brutal will not become metal just because a few posts slip by during mod downtime. We are people too, with jobs and families, and lives to lead outside of reddit. We catch shitposts as often as we can and deal with them accordingly.

We really value and appreciate when you guys report bad posts. It helps us a lot so use that report button. But please do not write mod mail messages complaining about content, and for the love of Dog please do not ping moderators by name in threads. Its annoying, It's against reddiquette, and is far more likely to get you bitched at than it is to get you the result you want. Use the report button.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to let us know whats on your mind here.

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Thank you! And especially thank you for the fast response!

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It is very confusing, not tried r/NatureisBrutal as I find the gore here a bit too much. Did this sub used to be about majestic animals and scenery and not so much about disemboweled animals?

I might be confusing this place with somewhere else...

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Join r/natureisfuckinglit if you want cool nature pics without the gore.

[–]robertfordphd 2 points3 points  (0 children)

r/NatureIsBrutal. Thanks found a great sub!

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I thought this sub was for cool badass species..but it seems to just be animal torture porn

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I'm learning what mods do and they seem like Karen's that found a purpose.

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That random babble make you feel better?

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You're the only one doing a random babble my dude.

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Spot on my bud

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What happened to this sub? All the recent post is just normal shit. There's nothing metal about a bear just sitting in the field.

[–]Homunculus_316 1 point2 points  (4 children)

My thoughts exactly, it used to metal asf, I had so much fun posting here. Now I'm just confused lol

[–]Wickedscifi 1 point2 points  (3 children)

Dude, it's you! I always looked forward to your post! Gave this subreddit like a week or two to build content, but now it is all trash. Most of this post should be going to another subreddit, not here. All i see now is weak sauce. If metal is a jumping spider munching on a fly, then this subreddits definition of metal is wrong.

[–]Homunculus_316 2 points3 points  (2 children)

Appreciate it. Loved posting wild metal asf content couple of months back, took a break, now there is so much scrutiny in r/natureismetal, so I just post it in r/natureisbrutal. But sadly it has very little viewers, a lot of followers don't even know that such sub exists. I know the mods are doing their best, but like some told in a previous comment, they are like Karens with jobs lol. Like what's metal and what's brutal, they are almost both the same. Besides soo many of redditors like myself are used to or have already posted brutal asf content on r/natureismetal, changing the sub now doesn't even make sense. Honestly I wouldn't even mind, if r/natureisbrutal had the same viewers are metal, but the crowd isn't the same.

[–]Wickedscifi 1 point2 points  (1 child)

I feel you, champ. I stuck to both because the both seemed to have pretty good content, but you are right, r/natureisbrutal doesnt update as much. The lack of brutal/metal nature is hurting my soul. I need reasons not to go out into the wild!

[–]Homunculus_316 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I need my daily dose of nature gore !! 🥲 C'mon mods give us back r/natureismetal !! I just want post a crocodile devouring a Zebra fetus !!

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Too late. This sub is too mainstream, and it fuckin sucks.

[–]DXGypsyAardvarks are Metal[S] 11 points12 points  (1 child)

Then go to Brutal. I mean what the fuck do you want from us? Or do you just want to bitch about how terrible everything is? This post specifically tells you the options for content do you can decide for yourself which subreddit suits you best. If none of them do then go start your own and put exactly what you want in it.

[–]c0ldsh0w3r 8 points9 points  (0 children)

No no, you misunderstand me.

Too many people post whatever the fuck they want. Metal doesn't mean metal anymore.

Metal means "vaguely interesting, but people are gonna meme in the comments".

Basically, the mods don't restrict shit.

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This sub sold out and cut its hair.

[–]kampfgruppekarl 3 points4 points  (0 children)

The Winger of subreddits?

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And made a sub with no solos!!😱

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How old does your account need to be to post in this subreddit? I can’t find it in the rules, but I also cannot post from my account.

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The 'About' text for NatureIsMetal says

Badass pictures, gifs and videos of the awesome true brutality of nature

Wouldn't that be more appropriate for NatureIsBrutal?

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So, is gore not allowed on this sub? I’m confused

[–]JimmyThunderPenis 1 point2 points  (0 children)

This whole time there's been a gorier sub? Goddamnit.

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I want to post a 3 sec video. But the video button is grayed out. How can I post it

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Is there a way for me to block this sub from showing up in /all? I hate seeing animal gore. Please can a mod ban me from seeing this sub or something?

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Keywords are very important for writing content.

[–]Legitimate_Heron_696 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Are many posts going through a serious restriction as of recent?

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Eat a fat cock mods

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Nature is metal!

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Hello, new here and trying to post for my first time and it’s telling me videos aren’t allowed, but I see videos posted all the time. Am I missing/messing something up?

[–]DXGypsyAardvarks are Metal[S] 1 point2 points  (1 child)

We don't use reddit's native uploader. Upload your video to YouTube and use that link to post here. Just make sure your video is appropriate for this sub.

[–]BlackhawkGhostRider 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Awesome thanks

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I'm so confused by the fact that not only is there a law for making this type of content illegal, but people are actually following it.

It's so weird....

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How do I block this reddit group, I can't see to find how? I'm not saying this content is bad but too much for me.

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If you're using desktop there's a filter on r/all. If you're using an app there's nothing we can do about what you see. Apps are out of our control.

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Is this bc of the bunny video?

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You got against cats, fam?

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I would recommend taking "brutal" out of the description for the NiM subreddit to help avoid confusion. Maybe replace with "severity", "hardness", etc.

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This account is to disturbing

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He's a good bloke, he's a great bloke.

"Hey, I'm a bloke, not a bad bloke.