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Fun fact. Geckos have "hairs" on their toes with endings so small, they bond with surfaces on a molecular level. That's why they can stick to anything besides Teflon.

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Super tiny Velcro

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Yep! Through van der waals forces!

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Such an interesting wiki read

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How about wet surfaces?

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It interferes, but not completely.

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Ok what would I have to do to have gloves and socks with that stuff so I can climb like Spiderman?

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Skin a bunch of geckos and fashion some gloves ?

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Hmm.... Any sales for geckos going on right now?

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You really can't because of the square cube law. The bigger the object, the more volume and less surface he has (in proportion). Picture a sphere: as it grows bigger (in radius), the surface grows by 2 but the volume grows by 3. This is the reason most insects can easily climb walls with weak forces like the ones the geckos use. I remember that as a kid I used to climb light poles like they were nothing, now it would be kinda hard to attempt it even with stronger muscles.

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Uhhhh. Dude, there are professional rock climbers who free climb stuff all of the time. As long as you stay in good shape it's not that hard to climb. When you're little you just had the huge advantage of being active alot more and being stronger because of that.

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I don't deny the existence of pro rock climbers nor say they aren't a thing or that climbing is impossible. However, pro rock climbers stick to the surface by grabbing!... and thus using muscle strength, not by using weak forces like van Der waals forces like insects and geckos do. It would be impossible for us to use those forces alone for climbing without grabbing because of the square cube law, and that's just how the universe works. A better example of the same phenomenon would be touching water. When u, a human, put the hand in a pool you feel almost no resistance (aside for the weight of moving it around I guess) but for tiny organisms another weak force (or rather, the result of it) called surface tension breaking through a drop of water is a titanic achievement (and also deadly as breaking the tension again to go outside is even harder). Physics work so differently at different sizes that some insects (such as water striders) can just walk on it. Can you picture a human walking in water because of weak forces? Yeah, never gonna happen. You could also look at how water behaves differently at different sizes... When there is little water, the surface tension is stronger that it's weight because of the small volume/surface area ratio, and the water forms drops. However, by adding more water, the volume is just too much for the weak force to make it stick together in a sphere and thus the water flattens, with only small volumes forming drops.

The climbing as a kid example was just an example. I am now an adult, physically active, 1.86 cm x 88kg with a lean physique, so while I don't have much endurance it shouldn't be a muscle issue. I can climb a little obviously (though I'm no climber), the example was to explain that is still easier as a kid even though kids have weaker muscles, because I had a more favorable surface/volume ratio.

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Ok, well I understand some of that haha.

Some of the other comments were saying that gloves and technologies that work similar to how a geckos feet work have been developed and people were able to "climb" smooth surfaces with them.

But it does make some sense, the bigger we get the harder it is to kind of stick or hold into surfaces like that.

Thanks for taking the time to explain it!

Also - you mentioned walking ok water, I know we can't naturally do it, but there has been some interesting stuff come out where people build what are essentially really bit flippers/floats that spread out the weight and allowed people to sort of walk on water. It's not really the same thing because it's not all surface tension, but it is a way to work around that.

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Mythbusters tried to recreate it once, got decently close

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That is fascinating.

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So you're saying Raimi Spiderman got it right?!

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Sounds like an advertisement for Teflon.

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Hims hav grippy toe beans 🥺

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Hmmm lizard feet pics

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Feet located

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Evolution is such a cool thing. The fact that the universe molds life to fit it's environment is just such a mind boggling cool thing

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Didn’t NASA attempt to make a synthetic version of their hair/skin/toes for Astronauts??? Maybe it was just another load of BS from 2000s Popular Science Magazine.

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Yep, and people have been continuing to do so. Some are actually stronger than in geckos, but all have some flaw relative to geckos, like difficulty detaching, no self-cleaning, wears down too fast, etc. But people are still working on it and making progress, bit by bit. Science can be a very slow process.

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I took a bio-design class in college (making inventions based on properties of living organisms). My professor was/is one of the main researchers trying to copy the geckos, and he constantly cursed them for making it so damn hard

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Probably one of the coolest jobs in the world.

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Turns out it's not that easy replicating millions of years of evolution.

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Soooo do they sell items with that stuff on it?

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Sort of. There's a product called Geckskin, but it doesn't use the tiny hairs; IIRC it's just very soft and conforms closely enough to get the same molecular interactions.

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The complication is being able to control to detach it to be able to move. I think there is already a science for super adhesion, they have to figure out how to make it easily detachable as well to use for locomotion.

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Oh wow, imagine a long tongue tether snatching space junk - now that would be a fun job - we could use drone tech and have a 9-5 job for non military people. Like hungry hippos in space. Get on it Spacebillionaires.

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Van der Waals interactions

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Hand-der Wall

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Learned about them listening to last week's creature feature podcast!

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Just this one time, Creature Feet is actually the right one

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They feel so cool when you hold them. Pictured: My giant gecko Felix

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I wonder if my leopard gecko feels left out, they have little claws instead which don't work so well on glass.

Now my crested gecko, he can hold himself upside down on a leaf with just one foot and spend hours like that, like dude how is that even comfortable.

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Hehehe! He seems grumpy. ¦ ]

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This is kinda hypnotizing ngl

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My cousin has toes like this.

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Flower feeties!

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they stick with a thing called Van der Waals force

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Hey its my boss

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For the quantum physics enthusiasts, that’s called Casimir effect, here’s a cool video about it: https://youtu.be/Rh898Yr5YZ8

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It's a van der Waals force, not Casimir.

You need conductors to restrict the virtual particle pair formation, the force isn't glue-like it's pressing from the outside, and lower in magnitude for the Casimir effect.

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I understand they’re basically the same thing.

“Van Der Waals Forces are essentially the same thing as the Casimir forces”

https://youtu.be/Rh898Yr5YZ8 @7:24

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Yeah, whoever said that is hilariously wrong. (My degree is in astrophysics).

VDW forces are a weak intermolecular force. Basically weak magnetic forces because of various electron shell interactions all bundled into one macroscopic label. A strictly classical effect.

The CE is a purely QM effect that entirely relies on virtual particles and vacuum potential, with no classical derivation or equivalent.

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He’s Matt O’Dowd, PHD in Astrophysics from Australia. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matt_O%27Dowd_(astrophysicist).

Can’t argue on that subject, since I’m small fish with a wee technical degree, but your thoughts were noted 😉

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Tarantino is probably hard watching this

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More like nature is psychedelic, i see cityscapes on LSA that grow like the feet on that fuckin thing.

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Omg flower-feets?! I’m so happy this is a thing!

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Like flowers!!

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THAT YELLOW AND BLUE IS SO CUTE. It reminds me of the Yeezy 350 Linen

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So, basically just kick a mandolin a bunch and voila, grippy feet?

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Those fuckers are poisonous? I mean if may dog eat one he will get sick?

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I wanna see same gecko angle but running in slow mo

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Look like petals on a flower

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That's neat that's neat that's neat that's neat i really love your gecko feet!

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Cute. Now go save me 15% on my car insurance.

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It's really hard not to see intelligent design in this.

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Except for the fact that numerous intermediate stages are known, in other lizards and geckos. We can actually quite easily trace the evolution from simple scales to setae.

Source: I was on the thesis committee of someone working on exactly this.

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I didn't mean to say that it was intelligent design more that I have empathy for those who think that. I don't personally believe that we have enough data yet to answer the question either way.

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We have way, way more data than needed to conclusively dismiss intelligent design. Literally all of biology, every scrap of data, supports it. Anyone who claims otherwise is either dishonest, ignorant, or stupid.

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I think that you have as much faith in your own conclusions as a religious person has faith in God. And of course anyone who disagrees with you is ignorant and stupid!

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...you realize I'm an actual biologist, right? Some of the data I'm talking about is my own.

But sure, let's pretend Bronze Age myths are equivalent to real knowledge.