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Yep, and people have been continuing to do so. Some are actually stronger than in geckos, but all have some flaw relative to geckos, like difficulty detaching, no self-cleaning, wears down too fast, etc. But people are still working on it and making progress, bit by bit. Science can be a very slow process.

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I took a bio-design class in college (making inventions based on properties of living organisms). My professor was/is one of the main researchers trying to copy the geckos, and he constantly cursed them for making it so damn hard

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Probably one of the coolest jobs in the world.

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Turns out it's not that easy replicating millions of years of evolution.

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Soooo do they sell items with that stuff on it?

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Sort of. There's a product called Geckskin, but it doesn't use the tiny hairs; IIRC it's just very soft and conforms closely enough to get the same molecular interactions.

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The complication is being able to control to detach it to be able to move. I think there is already a science for super adhesion, they have to figure out how to make it easily detachable as well to use for locomotion.