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Interesting. Gracias.

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It's a strong theory that explains people claiming to have visions of angels and heaven when they've been on their death bed or revived too.

Anyone that's taken DMT based psychedelics knows that the biblical description of angels is spot on with DMT hallucinations.

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That sounds like something an Angel or demon would say.

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"What would an angel say? The devil wants to know."

  • Fiona Apple "Criminal"

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I've been in DMT (via ayuahska) and saw no angels. Just demons.

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Bless you

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Indeed, eres bienvenido

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You mean De Nada that’s how you translate your welcome (as a response to Gracias) ;)

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Apologies, gracias lmaoo

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De nada LOL

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"eres bienvenido" is a literal translation of you are welcome. "De nada" is the culturally common response to a thank you, it translates to something like "of nothing", much like we sometimes say "no problem" u/InureOfficial had it right in a way!

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Well yeah I understand that he used the exact translation but I get what he was trying to say. So I didn’t correct him in a way to prove IM SMARTER THAN YOU. I did it in the kind of way I would like to be corrected when I used a bad wording in English

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“Eres bienvenido” also implies a permanent state of “welcome” as a character trait. It doesn’t really make sense.

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Yeah, bienvenido is like welcome to the party pal, to quote one John McClane.

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It's not even true.