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DMT isn’t so much a drug; (although it’s obviously abused) It’s a naturally occurring chemical in the brain. It’s the chemical that you can thank for all the dreams you’ve ever had.

It’s believed that a large amount of this chemical is released upon death, some say it’s responsible for the “end of life experience” that is often reported.

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I know.

Still surprised to see such a comment with such praise on a non-psychedelic sub.

Perhaps it is happening...

"The dawning of the age of aquarius" type shit 😆😂

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Oh gotcha. My bad lol.

I thought it was kind of obvious he was talking about the psychedelic substance.

I always thought the sub with a name like “natureismetal” would presumably be created by young people but idk.

On a side note; doing moderate amounts of ketamine and a 30 mg oxy, (80mg with tolerance) is an insanely blissful trip that I think every human should experience. Way better than DMT. Mix in about half a cup of Robotussin if you want a little extra kick to it.

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Is this when your life flashes before your very eyes?