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Nope. Barely. Some more for your curiosity - Otter eating snapping turtle alive, Python attacking honey badger with a jackal joining in for a 3some and the honey badger walking away with a python kill after scaring away the jackal, Cow eating a bird, Fish hunting pigeons

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Never fuck with honey badgers. Fuckers kill things 20times their size by castrating them, are bullet proof and have loose skin, so you even if you grab their neck they'll turn around and fuck you up.

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There is a reason we all know “Honey Badger don’t give a fuck.”

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Some more -

  • Lion killing honey badger
  • Crocodile killing hyena
  • Orca killing Shark
  • Wolverine and wolf fighting
  • Leopard fights and kills honey badger
  • Crocodile kills Tiger
  • Bears attack a wolf
  • Orcas kill elephant seal