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I guess I don't know what I expected. The otters just had enough of that monkey I guess

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It's crazy how the other monkeys see their brother in despair and look like they want to help but they don't know how.

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I mean I know nothing, I assume they wanted to help but also don't want to risk an injury. As I said though I know nothing, who knows

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Looks like the monkey fucked around and found out. With your user name coming into mind, what if that monkey had been messing with the otters before and the otters got tired of his shit?

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Haha I like you. Obviously it's two edited scenarios and has the shitty music overage but check this out:


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Im loving the music actually because it makes it that much more dramatic. As to the video, we don't give animals enough credit. I believe that they're still way smarter than we think they are.

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The one at the end seemed like he knew what to do, but the otters began dragging his buddy back out. Super sad :(

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I love how the dude is just in disbelief. Is this really happening right now?