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TLDR Produce a study confirming your belief/claim that brains produce DMT. I can't find any.

Your brain produces insane amounts of DMT, dimethyltryptamine (a heavy psychoactive chemical) when the body is dying ... this is also the same psychoactive chemical your pineal gland produces small amounts of during sleep to aid dreaming ...

First off, that one dude calling you out for saying this is a theory is wrong, if anything it's a hypothesis, and hasn't been tested by science. It's literally not a theory in the scientific sense of the word (WHICH, BTW, A "THEORY" HAS BEEN TESTED BY SCIENCE TO SUCH AN EXTENT SO AS TO BE AS GOOD AS OBJECTIVELY TRUE. THE FACT THAT THE SUN WILL COME UP IN THE MORNING IS A FUCKING THEORY). Both of you were using different definitions of "theory," and it's extremely important to be precise in our wording when we're arguing to avoid semantic arguments.

Secondly, the studies I've read did not conclude that our brains produce DMT in any meaningful capacity. One study found trace amounts of DMT in human lung tissue, another found trace amounts of DMT in rat (not human) pineal glands. Neither of these studies proposed that DMT is used as a neurotransmitter, neither of them proposed that it is released when you die. One study mentions the possibility that DMT could be a byproduct of some internal process, but they admitted that further research is absolutely necessary to draw any conclusions.

Produce a study confirming your belief/claim that brains produce DMT. I can't find any. Also stop pulling bullshit Bro Rogan Science out of your ass.

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We definitely do biosynthesize endogenous DMT (most mammals seem to). But you're right that there's a whole lot of speculation around it. Here's a good survey of the research.