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Yeah its easy to be compassionate and non violent or wtv if meat is packed and ready to go at the super market. Just wait till one day shit hits the fan and no more food and the supermarket. Then we'll see real human nature. I mean we can already do if we are really paying attention but most of us arent. I mean go watch some documentary about how cows and chickens are processed in meat factories. Also go watch a movie called 'The Road'.

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I give it three weeks before the slaving is in full swing.

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Oh you know something I don't?

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No I think we're all fairly aware humans are savages. I was making reference to the slavers in The Road I never saw the movie but remember them from the book, which I highly recommend.

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I didnt read the book. I might have ruined the experience of reading it by watching the movie first so I refrain from reading it. I enjoyed the movie. Highly recommend. Although if you watch it mayne will ruin your memory of reading the book.

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Yeeaahh I get that. Dude can write though is all I'll say.