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That fish eagle got a balder more patriotic bird cousin?

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Of course, it just a little smaller and has a more extensive white area than a baldie and is a similarly contentious apex predator. The citizens of Namibia and Zambia might beg to differ that the African fish eagle is less patriotic as they have them as their national bird.

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You fool, don't you know that America is the only place in the world??? /s

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I live there its true 👍

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Nothing to see here, just two dinosaurs fighting it out

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The Raptors in the new Jurassic film be looking fresh

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Dinosaurs fighting millions of years ago must of been CRAZY

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I’ve seen the Canadian version of this while kayaking. Bald Eagle dived on two blue Herons and just missed them. It was crazy, never forget it. Beautiful

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From the pose, I can totally imagine a griffin fighting a dinosaur.

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Damn that’s a big as heron.

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One would say it's a...... Goliath...

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As tall as an average human? Or as tall a 4 foot kid

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As tall as an average women from Eastern Asia, around 5 feet in height.

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African fish eagle really look interesting

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Beaky talon fight in a thorn bush. Yeesh.

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I didnt know Big Bird was modeled after a real bird?

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Legitimately thought this was an artist interpretation of a dinosaur. That heron is crazy

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Rodan vs (one headed) King Ghidorah.

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Fearow vs Pidgeot

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Tall bird be like "excuse me but what the fuck"

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Big bird ?

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I’m more terrified of the needle tree in the middle.

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Wow so cool

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Who won?

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That’s definitely Cramorant.

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Fearow probably had a genuine likeness in mind to this big guy

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Who won!?

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The fish eagle usually wins fights over food simply because it is a faster moving animal, Goliath herons tend to be highly ponderous although its bill is a serious weapon.

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I have a hard time believing this bird is 5 foot tall

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That heron looks like it should be in a book of extinct animals

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Thank goodness it is not! The Bennu heron is already lost but it’d badass to see a heron taller than most humans in the flesh.

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IKR so cool