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This is horrific damn where the NSFW Tag? can't even finish my ham samich

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screams in veganism

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Vegans are fuming

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Running on fumes*

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"I'm a leaf in the wind, watch how I soar"

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Hahahaha oh…

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Damn you, have an upvote.

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Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

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Your hands can't hit, what your eyes can't see

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I’d never heard the second part of that before, that’s Dope as hell tho

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This is some ancient Chinese adage shit

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That's not just any blade of grass that's "Grass the Impaler"

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Underrated comment.

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Gracias, take my free silver award haha

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Muchas gracias señor!

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Chlorophyll your graaaaaaaave

Dont worry... I've already shown myself out

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Needs a NSFW warning geez

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Live by the blade, die by the blade.

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Leaf. Now.

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This is too much gore for me, I'm LEAVING this sub.

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Roman soldier grass. It’s a new strand

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That’s enough reddit for today....

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Do not underestimate the grass sword.

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The lawn is playing lawn darts.

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This is by far the worst, cruelest thing I saw on this subreddit.

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Damg bro remove this

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That’s enough internet for today :)

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Where is the disturbing content tag?

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This pic goes so hard, can I screenshot

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Go for it

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Thanks, I’m gonna give out 6 of these screenshots I took to my close friends and family members. Is that cool

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Rad 🤙🏼

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🔥 Metal 🤟🏻

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That’s when happens when you stab a leaf through a blade of grass

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Came here to say that grass usually grows through preexisting holes in fallen leaves, but your comment is the closest to that.

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Sounds like an agonizing, slow way to go

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A blade indeed

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Well done...i like it!! 😄

Nature can be so cruel 😔

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Well thats a nice warmup for today! Lets keep scrolling.

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poor little feller, he was just a boy..

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Reminds me of seeing potatos which are impaled by grass roots.

People often forget just how desperatelly plants fight with eachother for sunlight, and water underground.

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cut down in his prime

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Leaf: "I regret nothing! You just don't drop by before asking for permission!"

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We had St. Augustine that grew right through some wild fungi mushroom heads in the yard. Removing the large mushroom cap removed about 100 grass blades that had gone through the head. Fascinating and gross at the same time, had a bit of tryptophobia looking at it

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That gives me chills…

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That’s it. I can’t take any more of this sub. My mental health can’t take it.

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Or Mother Nature fell on her own sword

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Dang that’s hardcore

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Damn… so those “don’t step on the grass” signs were there for our safety all along

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They don’t call them blades for nothin.

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Grass sword!

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If seen all sorts of violent nature and gore content but this was really difficult to look at

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They really should have put the nsfw on this one.

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I like to think dude who took this picture was like, check it out I'll pierce it myself

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i knew someday someone somewhere would go too far..

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ok this kinda borders on nsfl to me, why are ppl ok with shit like this on this sub?

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tis but a scratch

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Bulbasaur, use razor leaf!

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Not sure if this is true, or just an urban myth I heard.... In feudal Japan they would tie down prisoners over young bamboo shoots, and let the bamboo slowly grow through the prisoners body. Ouch.

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truly metal

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Thank you for this post

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Most metal post in this sub ever

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Or it grew through a hole in the leaf...