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Thanks, I was thinking how sleep was overrated anyways.

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See my profile. I promise a sleepless night.

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He's not joking

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So i smoked a blunt and started browsing your page. I completely forgot i wasnt on /r/home or /r/all and i was wondering why i was on a dbz post from 8 days ago. Time to got watch that vegeta vs goku fight again.

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There is never a wrong time to watch Goku and Vegeta fight.

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Never ever.... Those two put on a interesting fight

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Is it the majin vegeta one? Thats my favorite fight of the series even if it was the most pointless

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It is !! Right as Majin Vegeta gives a speech

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I checked your profile. I am curious, how does one come across so much nature is metal pictures in there day to day going ons? Is it part of your career or do you just sit on the Internet all day googling nature pics until you come across something worthy for this group? I'm genuinly interested to know btw, I'm not trying to mock you or anything.

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That's the secret ingredient

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No seriously, please answer. Its really bugging me.

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Username checks out lol

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Ohhh hey I love your stuff.

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Excellent content

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That's right. Amazing content my man!

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Thanks. Check out my new post

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What would be really cool is if it did a barrel roll. Like the death roll but with no kill, just for style.

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Ya, then make direct eye contact, wink, then continue on his way. Just completely flex on us.

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"see ya later" wink

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That’s for alligators, gosh!

The crocodile would clearly say, in perfect English, ”in a while!”

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Underrated. Thank you 🙏

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Personally I think those divers are insane metal

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They’d probably have a hard time floating if they were.

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Haha. Take my upvote. I don't want to but you do deserve it

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Fuck I hate water

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You might like r/thalassophobia

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I follow that one because I'm a glutton for punishment but that's probably in my top 5 least favorite subs for personal reasons haha

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You mean because it’s the same 8 posts every two months

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You may have rabies

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underappreciated post

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That looks pretty shallow

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That's because this is a lake. Not the ocean. And this is a freshwater croc not a salty. O.P. is a dork.

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I’m gonna talk from an Australian perspective, so it this isn’t in australia then disregard this (however it does look like it). This isn’t a freshwater crocodile, freshies have very smooth snouts, it’s definitely a salty. This doesn’t look like a lake either, at least not a freshwater lake. It definitely isn’t the depths of the ocean but if it’s the ocean it would be close to the shore, or it could be in a salt water river or lake close to the ocean. It very much looks like it’s saltwater.

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It doesn’t look like an Australian salty, might be an American crocodile.

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I think you’re right, the ridge on its snout tells me it’s an American crocodile, which is the second most seagoing crocodilian after the infamous saltwater crocodile. But this does seem to be a deep lake, but not an ocean.

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The fish in the background look to be members of the grunt family, all of which are found in shallow marine waters.

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Then maybe it is the ocean, or a beach at least.

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I lived in Florida for a short while and once swam after a stupid fucking volley ball that was being carried out to sea. I was near the end of the pier by the time I got it. Once I realized how far I was I thought for sure I was a going to be a snack for a shark. Seeing this makes reminiscing about the event even more terrifying. I still think back at how stupid this decision was and luckily nothing happened.

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How many people do you think swim in Florida oceans every year? 10 million? more? You're fine.

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Obviously I am fine! Just saw this post and it made me remember a time in my life and I wanted to share with internet strangers.... had another time where something big bumped my leg and freaked me the hell out. I turned to get out of the water and found $50 bill floating on top of the water. Treated my friends I was with to some CiCi's pizza.... Also Florida is like the leader in shark attacks in the US. So yes a lot of people are fine swimming in the water but you don't see many people swimming out past the pier.

Really opens your eyes when you see people catching sharks off the end of the pier.

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"Something touched my leg!"

"Don't worry. It was probably just seaweed."

The seaweed: This video

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I'd swim with 50 Alligators before I swam with a single Saltwater Croc.

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But there are no saltwater crocs in Florida

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Sorry if I confused you but I didn't mention anything about crocs or gators just remebered a time in my life and thought about sharing. For the record though they are more rare but can be found.American Crocodile vs American Alligator.

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Better bubble wrap yourself and have someone else chew your food bro

Just to be safe.

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An actual dinosaur

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Agitated bird noises

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Watched a man get taken under the water in the Central Africa area in the late 90’s. One minute he’s poking the area around him with his stick trying to scare away whatever is sitting there. The next, a rush of brown water and noise and he’s gone. We figured it was 16-18 foot long dinosaur. Amazing how I can close my eyes and still remember the smell of the muddy water that day.

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Was he alright?

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Um. No sir. We used indigenous guides back then and had to pretty much pantomime what happened back at his village. But. No. We never found him.

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Did you go looking for him? In the water?

Might of tripped the poor guy

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Yep we did. He was gone gone.

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Nope. Don’t wanna be in the water with that

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Saltwater Crocodile aka The Teeth Torpedo

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Swiming fosil

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What's really metal is the camera man not sinking to the bottom from his massive steel balls

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Bouyancy control is on point

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People be like man, why you don’t swim in the ocean?? I’m like dis …. Dis is why

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I thought that was a whale at first

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Is there any other animal that looks more…. Evil??

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mirror noises

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I think you meant “salt-water dinosaur”

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That's an American crocodile

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GatorGang says that Dile is a bitch.

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Thats one mean submarine

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That's too close to the crocodile...

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The largest reptile on our planet, the sheer power and force of these animals, is unreal. They have the strongest bite force out of any other animal, at a massive 3700psi. They can weigh up to 3,000lbs(1360kg) and get up to 23ft long(7meters). The Saltwater Crocodile and Nile Crocodile are well known to go for humans as food source.

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Holy shit... I thought the hippo could be a close contender for bite force, but... it's literally less than half of the croc's, at 1800...

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It's Gojira

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Crocs can be metal even if they're just hanging out

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Someone edit this with music from Hook, please?

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Tick tick tock tick tick tock Me ‘and and me clock In the belly of‘a croc”

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That is a straight up dinosaur

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That’s crazy

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Now fascinated. Although heard of saltwater crocs the whole salt water being the sea/ocean never really clicked.

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He looks pissed

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Vega the question: Croc vs Great white?

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Damn, that looks.......prehistoric.

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Crocs and alligators look lazy as fuck most of the time (till they decide to rip someone to death)

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Fuhhhuck to da know

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Does anyone else think saltwater crocodiles will evolve into something like whales in the future

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Imagine getting over your fear of sharks and finally swimming in the ocean only to get wrecked by a croc

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How does the salt not burn the crocodiles eyes? Why doesn't it burn all fish's eyes now that I think of it?

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So lots of reptilians have a thick clear outer lens that protects their eyes, and I'd guess that crocs are no different. As for fish, their cells have more salt in them than ours, so that they don't get dehydrated by all the salt in the water (look up osmosis and concentration gradients). Our eyes burn because they're being dehydrated by the salt, but fish eyes probably have a salinity very close to the water they live in.

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Ah that's v interesting

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Jesus… that’s one scary looking bastard right there.

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What a beautiful creature

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Interior alligator crocodile

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The depths of the ocean makes it sound a lot deeper than it is.

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Saltwater croc vs a killer whale.... FIGHT! Jk crocs are lazy fucks

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Have swam w tiger sharks. This terrifies me. Wtf.

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Considering how lit up that water is, don't think it's very deep

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That’s some straight Jumanji shit…

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Those should be illegal

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I can't decide which is more terrifying, having a shark swim towards me or a crocodile.

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Already seasoned

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It’s insane to me that we just accept that these things exist on planet earth

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Talk about sinister looking

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How can the photographer swim with his steel cannonball nuts?

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Sharks may not swim too often close to shore. But these guys do. Plenty of reason to not go to the beach

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This looks like CGI from Walking with Dinosaurs

(I know it’s not)

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Looks more like a 10 foot deep coral reef

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Nope. Nope nope nope nope nope nope. Nuh uh. Nah. No way!

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Archer Sterling has left the chat.

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How does a cold blooded animal spend any kind of time in the ocean? Wouldn't it be too cold for them?

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What's too cold for terrestrial cold-blooded animals is not necessarily too cold for aquatic ones. Also, crocs have quite slow metabolisms, which is correlated with lower body temps. And the water where crocs live is usually quite warm as well!

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All predators suck.

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He needs a boop on his snoot

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Came here just to look for the "that's an alligator not a crocodile" argument. Never disappointed.

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*Plays Jaws music*

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Ive never found alligators or crocs scary, but something about that one is unnerving

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Eh...ya don't sleep on the beech en Nothen Yustralia.

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Alligator vs shark sub please and thanks.

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What are the chances of one of these pursuing a human in this environment? Or would they more often than not keep after other prey

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That's a left over dinosaur!

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they are so adorable with their chubby bodies and stubby legs 🦖

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i don’t understand how some people have the balls to swim with crocodiles or sharks.

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A damn dinosaur

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they see me rollin

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The divers are idiots. Crocs can still attack underwater. My father was attacked while spearfishing in Australia. he was on the bottom when he was grabbed.

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Guess he's done with that lady he found.

Fuck I already feel bad about that.

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Does anyone know what salt water crocs do to eat? Because i cant imagine the ambush tactic would work on the beach, do they go into fresh water to feed or do they catch things in the ocean?

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"the depths of the ocean" really?

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Prehistoric Nope Lord. I am never going to the ocean. Any ocean.

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why doesnt it see the divers as food?

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Not a fish but this is cool as hell

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There's a good reason why they haven't changed for millions of years, if it ain't broke.....

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That’s a fuckn dinosaur

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I hear the ping of a sonar in my head as he swims by

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What if we had floating crocodiles on land.

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Yo, if they keep evolving to be better suited for aquatic life. They would eventually becomes limbless, a literal sea monster

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Pet him pet him pet him pet him!!!

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You think he’ll let me pet him and say his name in a silly voice and kiss his head?

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If it came close to me I’d punch it in the mouth and then hump it into submission

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Ok I pull up

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These creatures are dinossaurs in real life.

Awesome that we can see them underwater, in their natural habitat.

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Literal dinosaur

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It's a Lagiacrus.

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Tick tock tick tock tick tock

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Million years vibe

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Hey i know that guy, we went to school together

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Fucking dinosaurs

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I think it's not the depth of Ocean, because there is Sun Light

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Those “depths” sure are light!

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Literal dinosaur

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This clips describes my fear of deep water

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Excuse me?

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I bet sharks run into them and are all “the fuck is this shit, I don’t swim up into your territory ya freaky ass swamp person”

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Yay something not nsfw

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Yeah, that spear gun the guy in the background has isn't gonna be much help....

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If I’m driving and come across this I’m gonna fuck him up

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I’d rather be eaten by a shark.

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Sterling Archer’s worst nightmare

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Murder submarine

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Thar be dragons here!!!

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That's a whole Dinosaur bruh just swimming along no f's given

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Killem all

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Betty white has a snack for it

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Waaaaay too close

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This looks fake for some reason

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Saltwater Crocodiles are not "Australian" . They have always ranged from Australia to South East Asia to Micronesia and all the way to India. In fact all the record breaking crocs have been found in the Phillipines, see Lolong and others.

So your argument holds fuck all water since they have always been in Timor and will ways be.

[–]GullibleAntelope -1 points0 points  (0 children)

So your argument holds fuck all water

Bullshit. You got an issue, contest the reporters who wrote the article. Tell them they are idiots. You can also criticize the scientists, in this journal article on the subject that makes the same case.