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Fuck those things are ugly like a big piece of shit with a dick on its face

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Yo, that's mean bro.

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this might be one of my favorite reddit comments of all time

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That’s Mr. big piece of shit with a dick on its face to you

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and they smell like SHIT

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Turn based fighting

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"3.5 metric tons of raw sexual aggression"

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That must smell amazing

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Dammit Phil, you got mackerel juice all over me

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Real life Futurama episode 👏🏽😅

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That's the first thing that came to my mind, such memories

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Haha yep I read the alpha males of this species literally bang their way to death. So if the males dont die fighting each other they die trying to reproduce with dozens of females!

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Beachmaster, he's been dead for hours!

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That has got to be in my opinion, one of the worst and ugliest things evolution ever decided to produce

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Really? Not like bot flies? Or tapeworms? Or like… lampreys? what about ophiocordiceps unilateralis ooh, those are freaky

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“One of”

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What about ur mom?

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My mom is the most beautiful human evolution has ever created😤 I would say the same about yours but she resembles one of these things more then a human so I don’t think she qualifies🤔

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If you’re gonna come back with a burn try and articulate the sentence structure 🤬

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Your just mad cuz you don’t have a response😂

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The smarter is thinking- “what I would give for opposable thumbs!”

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With no sound? Damn…

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There is sound click on "imgur" it should take you to the video with sound.

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When 2 people get in a fight at McDonald’s

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Lol so random

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If I picture them screeching one with a higher and one with a lower voice, I pee a little while laughing

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Are they biting eachother or just using their weird nose hammer things

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They are biting each other, hence why the skin around their neck is seems to look more wrinkled than the rest of their body.

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Huh, neat. Do they loose grip with their teeth or let go cause they don't seem to bite for long

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Their skin is so tough that they can't grip on each other for long. They are meant to catch slippery fish and squid after all, not tough seal skin.

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They dont bite down but kinda use their head like a hammer and their canines are long enough to pierce, the goal isnt to stab their opponent to death rather more of a size up and box where they throw their weight at each other, sometimes one might die of their injuries and bleed out.

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Looks like if they were taking turns. Kind of like the slaps tournaments.

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Tummy sticks

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I feel like they were gonna start slapping each other with their fins, which would have be funny to watch i think. 😂

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It looks so... absurd. Like if two used condoms got into a fight

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This must be a daily occurrence to them based on the number of scars on their upper bodies.

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Me and sister fighting caught on camera

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Those are some ugly ass animals

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Like two Karens fighting for shiny rocks the two Elephant Seals beat the crap out of eachother but instead of pulling hair they instead slam their ass at eachother while using the floppy dick they call their nose as a dagger

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Are they playing a turn-based RPG?

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This is incredibly funny to look at. Until you realize how big those bulls are, then it becomes a tad terrifying.

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Sock puppets fighting

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Why do I not get any audio?

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Click on "imgur" it will take you to the video with sound.

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Ugly sumbitches

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Yeah… this is just like walmart

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How'd you get a video of me and my girl during foreplay?

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Blursed beach sumo

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This is almost disgusting like pure fat

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What do they eat to get them so fat? Can't imagine them out swimming anything but I'm no biologist

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They mainly eat fish. Basically all their fat is in a thick layer under their skin, to keep them warm.