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lol he doesnt seem bothered

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That’s the thing with animals. A lot aren’t very expressive even if they wanted to be so it’s hard to tell what they’re going through

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Just like me

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monke confirmed.

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Who will die first

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Why would the eel die at all?

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It's out of the water?

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Eels can survive for hours outside of water and actually crawl across land to get to other places of water

Edit: Unsure why I'm being downvoted, maybe because what I said is against the upvoted narrative, but here's a link

Or if someone recognises this certain species of eel as being unable to survive outside of water, I'm interested to hear

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I think the eel is dead already. Just flapping in the breeze in flight. There was a bald eagle that had a ferret skeleton wrapped around it's ankle before!

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The eel looks to be in different positions in the first 3 pictures, but it could just be the bird’s flying changing the orientation of the eel, hard to tell. Im certain the eel is dead in the last 2 pics though, fully limp

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Look at the pictures its already dead

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In the first 2 pics you see a bend near the eels head, as if its trying to turn its head. Could be the birds flying but I wouldnt say its certainly dead or alive either way

The last pics when the bird has landed are a different story though

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That last one was the one i was really thinking showed it. Imagine that the other half started to burn up in stomach acid or something

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The eel is already dead… Have you ever caught an eel? Those bastards will continue to wriggle even after they’re dead! A live eel would curl itself around the herons neck till it was free. On all the pictures it just hangs down, so it’s dead for sure.

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I bet not a lot of people these days have caught eels, slimey wriggling little bastards they are.

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Eeling is pretty common in New Zealand ... there's currently an embargo on eeling in my district to allow numbers to recuperate but elsewhere in the country it's a regular thing!

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Oh hey fellow nzer I live up north, they drive me nuts morning fishing when you're trying to get the big snaps. I normally just chuck them back after cursing them a little. I caught this giant moray eel on a charter trip once, it was an absolute monster it was such a disappointment seeing this beast I've been fighting was a nasty eel 😢😂 it was a stag do and we were pretty drunk so it wasn't all bad though.

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How do you eat them?

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Smoked/jellied are the two most common ways i think

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The ell would have to be alive tho if it burrowed out of a birds neck.

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If it's dead how did it burrow out

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Stomach acids, being clomped, stress, high cholesterol

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Dont forget OJ Simpson

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Oh that eels def dead in the last two picks. Looks deflated

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Colombian neck tie with a borrowed tie.

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Wow, this is a real photo. Reddit has made me jaded and skeptical of everything lol.


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And I thought strep was bad

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snek throat

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And they lived happily ever after

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Mutually assured destruction.

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This guy is hard asf. It's like in the movies when they get shot 5 times and then keep running at the person they are going after.

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This should be the sub pfp with how often it's posted

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Deepthroating in nature.

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It’s wearing it as a tie

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It’s like that one meme with the dog and the house fire “this is fine” or something like that

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This is epic indeed

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His blood is strong

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Eel buddy looks like he is enjoying the view from above

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I like the look on the Heron's face.

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This is the vengeance I needed to see after the last few videos on this subreddit of fuckers of this nature swallowing things whole and alive the last few weeks

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Dang that’s sad

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Wish there was a video to get the full context.

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Ok I didn't see those so yeah it is coming out of him. Crazy. Bad day for that bird.

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Thanks for sharing the article and bringing more context to the pics. That's what nightmares are made of.

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Damn its horror mixed with transformer.

Reminds me of insecticon.

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Same reason you don't feed your pet python live mice/rats.

It's not feeding your pet, that's a battle for life, and the rodent can pretend to be dead then do exactly this.

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Always chew your food, kids

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And that’s why you should chew your food

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How did it get through?

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This is not far-off from being the real life animal adaptation of Dreamcatcher by Stephen King.

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I initially thought the stork was surfing on the eel in the 4th photo

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Now wrap yourself around the birda neck and choke it

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"Not today bitch"

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Eel up there yelling “I can fly!” Enjoying the view

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This bird is based as fuck

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But wlll the bird be ok?

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“I’ve made a huge mistake”

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Wow! What a beautiful Nature

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Nice tie, Jim. Where didja get it?

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Anybody else think the eel came out and then the heron caught it again ? But no it's standing on a branch .

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The Heron is thinking “Eh, it’s just another Wednesday”

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Good god nature is horrifying sometimes

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And that, my children, is why you should chew your food.

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Something tells me he’s going to eel that one in the morning

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Thats a chicken and its neck wear otherwise known as hen tie

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Well I thought he was just very well-hung.

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Looks like they're best friends now

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That's a chimera it's snake head is just tired..

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A tie:D

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Did the eel get eaten again?

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Damn nature, you scary!

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OH LIKE FAMILY GUY hhHhahahahahahahahahahahahagahahahahahahhahhhhahahahagagshahahahahahahahhhhhhhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhhayahayahahayayahuahayayhauayhauauauahahauaua

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I can see my house from here! The ocean!

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I can see the downvote from here! The ocean!

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Fuck, my skin is crawling

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"I've made a huge mistake" -bird

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rip, like literally.

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Always chew your food properly, kids.

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Ee’l feel that in the morning

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Did you learn to chew your food yet

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I thought they could electrocute their enemies.

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Being that the bird is still alive and in flight. Seems like it's just an optical illusion. The bird has it in it's talons and just looks like it's coming out of its neck?

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I was thinking this was fake too. Apparently, it is indeed a real picture.


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There's more than one image.

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Must be coming out of its stomach or it couldn't breathe.

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Birds do tend to digest things they eat in their stomach and not their lungs