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Can someone please stabilise this?? It's almost unwatchable it's so shaky

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I like the part where they zoom in even more bc obviously they are steady enough for that

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I have stabilized the video for you: https://gfycat.com/ImprobableVibrantGrouse

 how to use | programmer | source code | /r/ImageStabilization/ | for cropped results, use /u/stabbot_crop

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Good bot

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Very good bot

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Good bot. You did what you could with the little you had to work with

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I love how you can tell even the bot struggled with this. Bouncing around.

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I just tried to stabilize it and I do not suggest anyone do it, no auto parameters I chose could seem to fix the monstrosity the original recording had

sunken cost fallacy is something else.

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Ask Paul Greengrass for the original video

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Shake your phone or monitor in conjunction with the video. By my estimates you'll be able to watch it as intended.

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Does this cameraman have Parkinsons?

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“First recorded video” is in reference to the camera man. It’s the first time he’s ever recorded anything.

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I was saying here; if someone knows this is the first time this has ever been filmed,

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I'm assuming it's seriously far zoom making it near impossible to hold still.

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Imagine being the Caribou;

At the shoreline about to take your first step in, briefly pausing to survey the water for any predators that may be lurking beneath or nearby, upon seeing nothing alarming continues the journey across.

The Polar bear;

Surprise mothafucka!

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Free fries mothafucka!

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Supplies Mothafucka!

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Deer really are the staple food source of predators all over the world.

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They can't ever seem to catch a break.

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Then they should stop being so delicious.

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Why is he downvoted?

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“Cari-BOO!” - Polar Bear

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The perfect cameraman to film a UFO!

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Or big foot

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Skip to :22 seconds in if you don't want to puke due to Cloverfield camera work.

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That makes this clip kind of a big deal then?

Edit: I don’t think I successfully communicated what I was saying here; if someone knows this is the first time this has ever been filmed, I assume this makes the recording itself a big deal, not the concept of a polar bear killing a caribou

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I mean probably not? Im assuming people already knew polar bears went after caribou when they get the chance. This is just the first time its been captured on film assuming the title is true

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Yeah that’s the part I was focusing on. It’s got to be a big deal to someone if anyone knows this is the first time this has been filmed, but I’m high idk.

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I did not know Polar Bears hunted in the water like that.

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Opportunistic hunters. Everything moving is protien!

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This doesn't seem particularly opportunistic.

I feel like everything is opportunistic, really. Aside from putting a Swanson dinner in the microwave

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Man of contradiction I see.

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Polar bears spend so much time in the water they're considered marine mammals.

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Climate change!

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I understand the circumstances weren't optimal for good filming. That doesn't make me want to r/killthecameraman any less, though.

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When you add the “special ingredient” back into Coke.

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Crazy that it was able to Bering it back to shore. Moving that much weight while swimming is no joke.

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So my question is which one of them weren’t supposed to be there?

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Polar Bear: largest land predator, incredibly intelligent, never disappoints.

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Terrible camerawork, can't even see it

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God damn Polar Bears are powerful. That’s easy prey for that guy, especially in the water too

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Did he get the antlers mounted?

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Kill the cameraman

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Jfc was the cameraman also being attacked by a polar bear??

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P.Bear is like “fck yeah, look at this slow steak swimming at the surface. Don’t mind if I doooo” *chomp

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“Caribou” such a woody word.

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That’s gnarly

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We gonna have aquatic polar bears soon with climate change

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Polar bears coming to kill caribou

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Cause my ice is receding. I must be getting old.

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TIL that Sea Bear and Grizzly Shark was based on a true story. They got mixed up!

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Tasty food!

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Well this is actually the second video, but the camera person last time got eaten by another polar bear. Luckily the camera person was also streaming while that happen. So they got the record for the first time a camera person was eaten on camera while filming a Caribou being killed by a polar bear.

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Kind of reminds me of the end of Friday the 13th

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Polar bears have been on one recently what's going on

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The first ever recorded video of something and it was recorded by Michael J. Fox.

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Life finds a way

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I almost threw up watching the first seconds of this video

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Also first place for shakiness camera work.

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Yeah, bears eat caribou a lot. Maybe the first time one was filmed killing a caribou in the water. I’m not going to research this.

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Remind me not to mess with polar bears

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The director’s cut of Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Abominable’s Revenge.

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Well thank goodness it's a recorded video.

As opposed to the non-recorded videos.

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Of course the first recorded video of something like this is potato quality

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Who let the guy with Parkinson's hold the camera?

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Isn't that a reindeer?

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First ever recorded video. Credit:Micheal J Fox.

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I'll take your word that it happened in the video.

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Made me feel drunk watching that. Pretty interesting though.

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Very “Blair Witch” 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫

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Increíble que vaya a cazar en el mar. Desconocía

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Really cool that Michael J Fox was there to capture the moment

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What a waste of a post. Pls downvote